Print Your Own Fabric: Tutorial

I fully intend to try Spoonflower. It’s on my to-do list. I would totally like to design my own line. But in the nearer term, I need Ghostbusters patches for our family costumes. (Our little one will be Slimer, in bright green fleece with little wriggly slimer arms. It’s going to be so awesome.) I […]

No-Sew Projects

Normally I don’t advocate this kind of thing.  I am a sew-it girl.  I don’t do paper crafts, I don’t do cut-a-hole-in-fleece-and-call-it-a-poncho, I don’t do paint.  That’s why I am only the co-owner of this blog (not that Susan would make a fleece poncho – that would totally negate our friendship.  But she does do […]

Girlify a Boy Shirt: A Tutorial

My K looooves Spider Man. Knows the characters far better than I do. It’s a good thing her Dad likes to keep up with those storylines for dinnertime conversation. But Spider Man shirts are always cut for boys. And while I can handle that it’s not pink and purple…. can I girl it up a […]

Peasant Blouse. Round 4.

Well, Adrianna has made this one three times already and looooves to talk about how easy and fun it is. And I’m ashamed to admit, but I was inspired to try it after a trip to… can I write it? McDonald’s. Since we live abroad it’s a nice little pseudo-America for an occasional outing, and […]

My first ever quilt

This is a little out of order since I already posted my second quilt, but here you go anyway.  I made it using Amy Butler’s Lotus Brick Path Quilt pattern and fabric.  I totally heart Amy Butler.  She is the one who got me addicted to fabric and got me sewing again in earnest.  Since […]

A Little Birdie Told Me

Oooooh, with a surname like “Bird” the jokes must get old by the time you’re, say, 6. Or if you married into the family, probably before the vows were even said. But I could not resist making custom “Bird” gifts for a Bird mother-to be. First, a “Birdie Bump” shirt, which involved painstakingly cutting out […]