Feature Friday: Handmade Holidays Rock!

When thinking about our feature for Black Friday, I thought immediately of two of my favorite Etsy sellers. Okay, I’ll admit, both are dear friends, and while they’re not paying me to feature them, if they want to send me a treat, I won’t try to stop them. Because I love what they do. Why […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are off on a joint family vacation to Vienna & Budapest (since they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving where we live) but couldn’t leave you without our lists of… Crafty Things We’re Thankful For: Adrianna1.  This rotary cutting guide.  I tried to think of my #1 favorite sewing tool (besides the machine, duh), and although this […]

Make Your Own Stripe-y Wrapping Paper: A Tutorial

So Adrianna calls me last night and suggests I scan fabric to make wrapping paper. And when I say suggest, I mean she said “here’s your next task.” Here is an example of my inability to refuse a creative task. This is not the first time it’s gotten me in trouble. And by in trouble, […]

Free Skinny Jeans!

I hate skinny jeans.  I refuse to buy them.  I bought a ticket for the boot-cut bandwagon on it’s maiden voyage and I’m never getting off. But I love boots.  I love stomping around in them, I love the sense of empowerment they endow, and I love the contrast when you wear them with soft […]

Feature Friday: katie did

Hi there Crafterhours readers, Susan and I are taking turns with Feature Fridays, so today you get me.  I want to tell you about someone who needs no telling, but I’m gonna do it anyway: katie did. Probably my favorite thing about her is the way she carries her simple aesthetic throughout her blog.  Her […]

Crafty Friend Etiquette

So, hypothetically, let’s say you’re at a crafty friend’s house watching said crafty friends’ kids so that crafty friend could go see Twilight on opening night. Is crafty friend’s scrap bin up for grabs? Please help me decide. And also provide appropriate suggestions for an apology should I make the decision crafty friend might not […]