Last Bday post, I promise!

But I had to show you what Susan got for me!  Here it is all wrapped up pretty:

and opened!

1. A mixed selection of mod podge, including sparkle, glossy, matte, outdoor, and paper.

2. A yard of the impossible to find Wonderland by Momo.

3.  Personalized notecards made with images of Wonderland fabric printed on cardstock!  And she sewed a little holder for them out of cardstock too.  Susan is the best sewer-on-paper person I know.  She is so detailed and precise.  (yes, she included my last name on the notecards, I just blocked it out to protect the innocent.)

4.  The best news ever: Wonderland is being reprinted!  I guess I haven’t lamented about my lack of Wonderland fabric enough on this blog for you to know what a Big Deal it was to me, but Susan’s heard about it more than anyone should ever have to hear about fabric.  All I had was a measly layer cake that I’ve been hoarding and petting every now and then, with no plans to actually use it.  Then she found out it is being re-released for Spring 2010 and waited until my birthday to tell me!  I’m totally psyched!

Now I’m going to go ahead and cut my layer cake to make this, since I know more is on the way.

Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes yesterday!  I read & appreciated every comment!

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