We Have a Little Something for You: A GIVEAWAY!

Yes, for real. Our very first giveaway. We can hardly believe it ourselves. I am working on developing a product. That in itself is exciting enough, but in the process of researching potential materials to include in the development of said product, I found Field Notes. They’re just so cool. Nerdy cool. Hip cool. Silly […]

Making Space for Crafting

I’ve been enjoying this series lately. And by enjoy, I mean building up jealousy being inspired. Have you ever traded spaces with another artist or crafter? Yeah, depending on where you live and who is nearest to you and whether you even have any crafty friends in the real world and how many hours you […]

Blog Swap: I Am Only 1 Woman

Hello Crafterhours Readers!  It is my pleasure to be blog swapping today. I am Bobbie with I Am Only 1 Woman.  A few things about me: I am a stay at home mom of 2 girls and a dog (and we all know that they take up almost as much time as the kids) I love anything […]

What Else Can You Do With a T-shirt?

Here’s another idea: a toddler dress.  I used this peasant blouse tutorial (yes, AGAIN!  Don’t get sick of it, there’s even more on the way :) This dress was kind of an experiment for me because I wanted to try the “decorative edge stitch” function of my serger and I wanted to shirr for the […]

What Can You Do With a T-shirt?

My friend Jeremy, who recently guest blogged over here, also has a day job.  At one point he received so many corporate t-shirts from that job that he gave me 5 of them and told me to go make something with them. First, I used this tutorial to make these: They’re kind of sloppy because […]

Crafty Friends are the BEST!

A plain brown envelope arrived on Thursday. Inside… SCORE! Quilted coasters from Stacey, AND chocolate. Super smooth yummy delicious GERMAN chocolate that I love, in a flavor I can’t get where I live. (And to double the yum, Adrianna got a matching surprise envelope.) The coasters are made with Tanya Wheelan fabric from the “Darla” […]