You May Appreciate the Irony…

I’ve thought about posting something about a playgroup I hosted a while back. It was picnic themed, and I asked moms to bring picnic blankets to throw on the floor and picnic-inspired snacks to share. At the last minute, I printed some ants and ran them through a sticker maker, then sticking them in a […]

You’re Lucky For a Few Reasons, Lucky Duck

First of all, Jami, you’re lucky because I stopped working on my I Spy quilt to identify you. Really, that’s exceptionally lucky, because I’m moving so quickly and I’m so in the zone that I can’t believe the day where we live is almost over. And, of course, you’re lucky because you’re #37. Well, # […]


Until I finish working on this: I’m a bit obsessed. Care started it. I’ve already rearranged since taking this late last night, but this is the general idea. The top four rows are already stitched. I have a plan for sashing in-between strips. I have children who are going to want attention today. They just […]

Thank you!

Aw, our friend Stacey awarded us a Beautiful Blog award!  Very sweet.  We have been instructed to do the following: 1. Thank the person that gave you the awardThank you Stacey!  You’re the best!  Now move back to our neck of the woods, won’t you? 2. Pass this award on to 7 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and […]

Hello, My Name is… Giveaway (!)

Not too long ago A came over for a crafty evening. She grabbed the camera to take a picture of this display of drying Mod Podge screen prints. And a glass of wine. Not a crafting requirement. But occasionally helpful. I had just screen printed a bunch of “Hello, My Name Is” badges to embellish […]

Celebrating the Boy: One Boy in Particular

We’ve talked about Stacey about 37 times on our blog already. She’s so into Celebrating the Boy that her blog is Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy. And in June, when her third boy arrives, she could just as easily call it… My Three Sons. She has sooooo much boy crafting in her future. And I’m […]