Easter Eggs that Last

This is K’s casual Easter ensemble. I say that like she has a fancy one. Not so much this year, at least not one that I made. But I wanted to do an applique shirt inspired by some party napkins I spied in Berlin and Adrianna helped. The other day A was over and needed […]

T-shirt to Henley Refashion: A Tutorial

Here’s a simple makeover to add some decoration to a plain T.  This is pretty self-explanatory, so it’ll mostly be a pictorial tutorial (I love saying that). Make enough bias tape to go around the neck and about 4 inches down the shirt front.  Cut the ends into a “V” and press down for a […]

I Don’t Like It Yet

Whenever I meet someone new, I often don’t like them. There are exceptions, of course, but in general, I don’t like new people. I have to get to know them first. It’s good that I finally know this about myself– that given some time and conversation it’s quite possible that I will really love someone. […]

Crafty Bits: Berlin

We’re back from our trip to Berlin to visit Stacey, and after a few days back at home with kids and laundry and grocery shopping and cooking and dishes and a lot of mama-mama-mom-mommy-mommmmma, we’re all set to return. It was a great, relaxing time and our activities consisted of all our favorite things: eating, chatting, […]

Eve Needs a Jean Jacket: A Tutorial

crafterhours jean jacket

It’s been birthdays-a-plenty around here lately. Or, I guess the reality is that having kids that are now old enough to hang out with other kids means that we have kid parties to attend. In Eve’s case, we had a party we planned to attend but had to un-RSVP because of the snots. I hate […]

Blog Swapping with Mary Janes and Galoshes!

Hello all!  I’m Taylor from Mary Janes and Galoshes.  First off, thanks to those sassy Crafterhours girls for having me today, that Susan is a spitfire isn’t she?  I love it, and looks like you do too as you’re here aren’t you.  Anyway, I’m pretty sassy myself, I’m a Capricorn, so I’m stubborn, a bit […]