The A-Reader-Named-It Dress

So Adrianna and I read through all of the ideas in the comments for this. And we knew we had some creative and thoughtful folks reading our stuff… but there were some REALLY good ideas. And then there was one that stood out to both of us as the winner. In conversation with our winner, […]

Spring Top Week Top Two/Too: Final Installment

You’ve still got time to enter Spring Top Week! But this is it for me. It could be good for the health and well-being of my children that I got into the game so late, or else I might have made the maximum five. I think at this point I’m good with two, because there are a […]

Spring Top Week Top: Take 2

I wasn’t going to enter this top for Spring Top Week, but Susan was over today and made me put it on for some pics.  So, what the heck, here you go. I got the idea from this Anthropologie top: It’s the first thing I’ve made using Eloise, and I couldn’t have done it without […]

Carefree Clothes for Girls Sew-a-long, Month 2

This month, Melissa from Elemental Stitches assigned either the “Dress with a Lace Doily”, or the “White Cotton and Flower Print Sundress” for our sew-a-long from Carefree Clothes for Girls.  I chose the latter, but made it the “Red Cotton with Polka Dot Print, Crochet Trim, and Ruffles Sundress! I cheated a little bit and […]

Spring Top Week Top Two/Too

I’m totally a copycat. Is that cool? Maybe, maybe not. But when my pile of new voile arrived on Monday night, I was inspired to do what Adrianna was doing. I had wanted to participate in Spring Top Week but my first attempt was a miiiiiiserable failure. It’s now a doll blanket or something, I’m […]

Spring Top Week Top

Are you following Made by Rae’s Spring Top Week?  I just went through all the entries on flickr and they are pretty great.  Some super talented sewers out there.  I love the idea of Spring Top Week because it encourages us to sew for US.  Which is good, because kids are so much easier to […]