Spring Top Week Top Two/Too: Final Installment

You’ve still got time to enter Spring Top Week! But this is it for me. It could be good for the health and well-being of my children that I got into the game so late, or else I might have made the maximum five. I think at this point I’m good with two, because there are a lot of other things that need to happen between right now and the entry deadline. For example, we’re supposed to be nailing down our housing for the move in June. And I’m sewing. And that’s not helping. (But it sure is distracting me from the stress of thinking about moving!)

So here’s my second and last for this year. I was so happy with the Wearable Mimosa that I wanted to try it again with more knit and more Anna Maria Horner voile and a slightly different look.

These are ruffles, but they’re ironed and stitched flat, because actual fluffy ruffles are not the least bit flattering for my figure. Ask Tim Gunn or the What Not to Wear people or the Queer Eye guy, they’d all say that THIS figure needs NO ruffling. But the voile is so light and soft that you can ruffle and flatten it and apply it to a spring top (which is what makes a ruffle a pleat, I guess) and it’s not too thick and heavy for a light, springtime top. The back is a simple strip of voile.

The straps are three strips of fabric stitched into a tube, twisted and ironed flat before adding to the top. I’ll be doing more of that. NEED MORE HOURS IN A DAY.

Had I included my face in this photo, it may or may not show that I may or may not have taken a shower since a day or so before. Which is why it is not shown, because I don’t want to hijack your thought process all day. You could be doing productive things, but instead you’d be thinking “no, seriously, when DID she last take a shower?”


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    hhaaahah, I sometimes can’t remember when my last shower was… I blame it on the 9 month old… and sewing… I really like this top, I’ve been really into gathered fabric as of late, this is right up my alley!

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