Carefree Clothes for Girls Sew-a-long, Month 4

Here is my entry for this month’s Carefree Clothes for Girls sew-a-long, hosted by Elemental Stitches.  I altered the pattern by using a decorative stitch on my machine to embroider around the arm and neck holes.  This was the first time I’ve had a fit issue with a pattern from this book, but the too-wide […]

My Second First Quilt?

This is my very first quilt. Sort of. I started it, and then the I Spy frenzy overtook it, and it was pushed aside for a bit. My mother had planned a visit in April and I was so so so excited to give this to her in person. My very first quilt, just for […]

Operation Care Package with Above All Fabric

So, I don’t think I need to tell you guys how much I love Above All Fabric, but I’m going to remind you again.  True story:  My husband recently recommended that we rent an RV next time we’re in the states and drive across the country.  Before I got to the part where that’s what […]

Pleated Sundress: It can also be a romper!

I’m about to date this post, but I wanted to show you how easy it is to use the Pleated Sundress Tutorial to make a matching romper. Yes, these are the outfits my girls wore for Easter.  Ever want to know how busy moms have time to sew and keep a blog?  1 word: Backlog! […]

Pleated Sundress: A Tutorial

I saw a really cute, breezy sundress at the Gap, but at $30, it was way more than I’m willing to spend on a preschooler.  I decided I had to give it a shot and since I used $2 fabric I got at a yardsale over 3 years ago, I was able to make my […]

I Spy Spoonflower Fabrics in my Mailbox

Okay, not yet. It’s too soon. But tonight is the deadline for swap participants to have picked their fabrics, checked the Flickr pool to make sure they aren’t duplicates, uploaded their picks and ordered their two yards. With 56 participants and this being a new sort of swap, there were a lot (a LOT) of […]