Designer Knock-off

Well, I don’t know if BCBG really counts as a designer, but the price certainly qualified ($400).  Here’s the story: My brother-in-law sent me a link to a dress he really wanted to buy for his wife as a present for their 1st anniversary, “because she would look so beautiful in it”.  (I know, awwwwww….gag. […]

Cures for a sewing funk

I wouldn’t say I’m in a sewing funk, more so an “I want to sew things I want to sew, not things I need to sew” funk.  I am very proud to say that I spent a whole Saturday doing fiddly little things that just needed to get done. But rather than show you the […]

You know you’re a crafty mom if…

So, a month ago my 1 year old broke her elbow.  She’s now the cautionary tale for all her playgroup friends about why you should not jump on the couch.  You’re welcome, other moms. After getting home from the ER (in a foreign country) at 10 pm on a Friday night with both my kids […]

I Hate to Disappoint Adrianna

Well, folks… Adrianna has been on vacation this week. As she ran out the door, she sent me a message that said “the blog is yours!” I feel like what she meant was: “Do something amazing! Go! I want to be impressed by your amazingness the moment I get back!” Uhm….. I’m looking around, and […]

I Spy Ideas: Guest Post from Care of Obsessively Stitching

I feel like I don’t need to introduce Care. Either you’re reading this blog because you found us through Obsessively Stitching or you already know about her because I’ve referenced her repeatedly. But I’ll introduce her anyway by saying that she got me hooked on I Spy projects and she’s totally fun to have as […]

Petal Shirt: A Tutorial

So, last time I made this shirt, I didn’t call it anything.  I’m officially naming it the “Petal Shirt”.  I know, creative, right?  I didn’t inherit my mom’s ability to come up with funny pun-y titles. You’ll need a yard of nice soft knit, coordinating thread, some fusible interfacing, and 1/4 inch elastic.  Make sure […]