You know you’re a crafty mom if…

So, a month ago my 1 year old broke her elbow.  She’s now the cautionary tale for all her playgroup friends about why you should not jump on the couch.  You’re welcome, other moms.
After getting home from the ER (in a foreign country) at 10 pm on a Friday night with both my kids (husband was traveling, of course), my first thought was, “I MUST MOD PODGE THAT CAST!!”  
These are the dangers of having a crafty blog.  Kid breaks elbow, mom thinks immediately of Mod Podge.  Sparkle Mod Podge.
Mod Podge cast fabric design decorated

Every cast needs a little Anna Maria Horner Good Folks, in my opinion.

I almost didn’t post this picture because the cast is so disgustingly nasty.  But that’s what’ll happen after a month on the arm of a 1 year old who has smeared it with ketchup, peanut butter, marinara sauce, mommy’s lipstick, and stuffed rice, noodles, and cheerios up in it.  Just be glad you don’t have smell-o-vision.


  1. Oh, I love it!

  2. My son fell off our bed when he was 14 months and broke his arm but I don’t think hubby would have let me put sparkle mod podge on it lol. Although we did get him a bright green one. I love it and I completely understand how nasty the get on a one year old too!

  3. oh! so summerly!
    I’m sure your one year old is the star among her pairs!!! ;)

  4. Cracking up . . . might fall off my own couch.

  5. Oh my gosh that is the funniest post you’ve ever written! Mostly because you know you’re “too crafty” (i use that term light because can you really ever be too crafty?) when you see another woman’s mod podged casted 1 year old and think “I would of mod podged some scrapbook paper patch-working on that thing if it were my kid! HAHAHAHA!!!!

  6. Well isn’t that fun!!! Not the broken arm, mind you…

  7. My 2 year old broke her arm in January, I wish I would have thought about mod podging it! it was still cute though, it was bright pink and we put little rhinestones on it!

  8. Hysterical!!! Love it!

  9. GIRLFRIEND YOU ROCK! What a great way to make a little girl feel better about a broken bone! Praying we don’t have anymore in our house… but if we do, they’ll get the Crafterhours treatment!

  10. what a fab idea!!!! ♥

  11. oh! my 5 month old is named Penny! we don’t know any other Pennys :) Love the mod podge, of course..

  12. Hilarious! I love it. I bet she loved it too. Oh and yes, very glad for no smell o vision! =)

  13. I’ll bet she loved it!!

  14. You always crack me up! And you are SO crafty great job girl! I passed this along to my friend in a similar predicament with her older child. You may have started a trend!

  15. The son of one of my dear friends has to have surgery on Friday. He’ll be in casts on both feet for a month. And, he’s only 2!!! I sent her this idea so she could mod podge Spider Man and other superheroes on his cast. (I didn’t think that AMH would be encouraging to this little tough guy.)

    Thanks for the FABULOUS idea!

  16. Sparkle always help make it better, or at least more bearable!

  17. well if your going to mod-podge anything.. it may as well be a cast!

  18. I didn’t realize it was dirty until you pointed it out. I thought it looked burlap-esque! lol

  19. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if it was mod podged in the beginning, you could just wipe off any dirt and stuff? Sounds like an idea to try.


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