Over the Rainbow

First, the best news – Susan is getting all her stuff today!  Wahoo!  I told her to unpack her sewing machine and ignore the rest :)

Also, it’s day 3 of Elsie Marley‘s Kids Clothes Week Challenge, and I haven’t posted about it yet.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not participating.  On Day 1, I began altering my daughters’ birthday dresses (we had a rainbow theme) to make them not so rainbow-y.

I’ve had this style in mind since way back during Brown Paper PackagesPattern Makeover Month.  But her version turned out so much classier.  These were perfect for the Rainbow Birthday party, but otherwise give off a “clown vibe”, I think.  So we’re going over the rainbow.  Or past it.  Beyond.  However you look at it, those rainbow strips are coming off.  Stay tuned for results.

Yesterday was spent drafting a multi-sized pattern for the Quilted Swing Coat I made, which I now have some idea how to turn into a pdf pattern, thanks to all you knowledgeable readers.  So thank you for your help and your sweet comments about the coat as well.  I’d tell you it was a breeze to make, but I’m planning on selling the pattern, so that’s not great marketing, huh? (It was a breeze to make – you could totally do it!)


  1. says

    Your girls are too cute! And I see what you mean– but they are cute dresses! (Okay, and so when you do figure out how to make/finish a pattern, I am going to beg for a few mentoring sessions from you! ;0)

  2. Ckay says

    Whoah! wait a minute! What if you sewed down either side of the rainbow so it would look rouched instead of clown collar ruffle-y? I think that might save it cause otherwise its really cute! With colored tights or leggings it would rock!
    OK that’s my 2 cents. :)

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