Very Last Minute Costume Idea? Call Your Mummy

There weren’t any new costumes as a result of my own effort this year. But I did serve as support staff for friends who were creating. My godson J needed a costume for a school parade. The school encouraged parents to get involved and help make them at home. That meant that Mom and Dad […]

It’s the Great Pumpkin

We like to carve pumpkins. We like to paint them, too. Especially when we have a large blank canvas that begs to be pumpkinified. Like this one that has been calling out to me since I first saw our house for sale, saying “Paint me! Paint me! PAINT ME!” It’s in front of our house, […]

Mommy’s Special Trans-Atlantic Flight Helper Badge

Tomorrow I’ll be waking the girls up at 3 in the morning to fly to AMERICA!!  Wahoo!  We’re so excited. I wish I could tell you that I’m one of those super moms that organizes all kinds of educational activities, toys, and boredom busters for their kids when they fly, but I’m not.  Instead I […]

Patchwork Dish Towels: A Tutorial

aka: The One Where I Make the Mistakes so You Don’t Have To.  (you’re welcome) Happy Monday everyone!  How about we make some dish towels today?  But these aren’t just any dish towels.  They are super duper patchwork, reverse applique, seasonal, mistake-free dish towels! For 1 dish towel you will need:  – 2 16×24 inch […]

An Alice in Wonderland Birthday: Party Details and a Gift

Well, we’ve talked about the invites, the dress. Let’s talk party details. Well, not the food. We can’t talk about the food. Alea’s mom makes all sorts of delicious amazingness on an hourly basis, but to discuss it here wouldn’t be fair. We’re not food bloggers. The minute we can convince her to be one […]

An Alice in Wonderland Birthday: The Dress

If you saw Alea’s sketches earlier, you know this girl has taste.  No little blue frock was going to pass muster for her.  I armed myself with a video still from the new movie and 6 yards of blue fabric and got to work. Thankfully I did have a pattern for a little girls’ dress […]