To Serge or Not to Serge: Not So Much a Question


A comment on our Thanksgiving crafty things post made me think about sergers. Sewing machines and sergers. And the many conversations Adrianna and I have had about them. We both have pretty basic sewing machines. Nothing too fancy.  We’d get together for crafternoons and talk about projects and what we’d like to work on next. […]

Strange Little Girl on crafterhours: A Tutorial

When Susan asked me to write a necklace tutorial, I was a little befuddled.  My first thought was “what can I try to teach someone that requires following directions more than luck to make it turn out well?”  Really, most of what I do is the result of happy accidents because I create for fun […]

Crafty Things We’re Thankful For, Part 2

To continue (or start?) a tradition, we’re back this year with another edition of Crafty Things We’re Thankful For.  Or, Crafty Things For Which We Are Thankful, if you, like Adrianna, are a member of the Grammar Police. The #1 thing that we are both thankful for this year is our super de duper awesome […]

Goldfish Turkey

This is an unnecessarily long story. I apologize in advance. On Sunday, while visiting my mom with K, 4, and M, 18 months, I decided that they could handle an overnight with my Mom, Mimi, without me. We’d been at Mimi’s house for a few days and everyone seemed fairly settled and happy. And for […]


Movember is almost over. You know about Movember, right? It’s a month-long challenge to (mostly) men to grow mustaches to “change the face of men’s health”. (Guys don’t have boobs to be witty about, so mustaches were the next best thing?) And we happen to be married to men. Who we’d like to be healthy […]

Ladies Who Lunch Dress

A while back, I bought this nice thin, drapey wool blend fabric at the 1 euro/meter store.  I love that place.  Don’t know how much yardage to buy?  Get 4!  I pulled it out, fully intending to make Christmas dresses for my daughters, but after feeling the loveliness of that fabric, I said forget you […]