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Free Patterns from Homespun Threads!

Aimee from Homespun Threads announced on her blog today that all 29 patterns in her shop are FREE for a limited time.  I don’t know how long limited is, but I suggest you hurry on over there in case your definition is different from hers.  Spit Spot. I managed to limit myself to a reasonable […]

PB Knock Off: Project Round-Up

Now it’s time for the really good stuff – everything you’ve been making!  We honestly got more inspiration from the knock offs you sent us than from the actual Pottery Barn catalog.  Give yourselves a hand! The first two get an award for speediest crafters.  They’ve already made projects from a tutorial this week!  Pass […]

PB Knock Off: Poinsettia Pillow

Yep, it’s another pillow.  Sorry about that.  But I just couldn’t pick one!  They are both so beautiful. This one’s been tackled by many talented craft bloggers already*, but I wanted to put my own spin on it.  Here’s the original: (found here)  The Pottery Barn version has really nice wool felt hand stitched petals. […]

PB Knock Off: Guest Post with Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!

When our dear friend Stacey heard about Susan’s woeful bout of Ebola virus, she very graciously offered to swoop in and save the day with a PB Knock Off of her own.  We owe you big time Stacey!  Make sure you go over to Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! to say hi to Stacey and […]

The 4th Anniversary of Adrianna’s 25th Birthday

I’ve looked everywhere. I can’t find the guide to celebrating a friend’s 4th anniversary of their 25th birthday. Somebody help me out? In the meantime, I’ve decided to go with this plan: 1) Interrupt PB Knock Off week: Holiday Edition to say “Happy Birthday Adrianna!”2) Drag self and two kids to the post office the […]