Holey Sheet!

Yeah, seriously. Actually, two of them. But “holey sheets” didn’t sound as fun. I love jersey knit sheets. Especially for kids’ beds. But apparently there’s something tempting about them. Tempting to pull at them or poke a pencil through them or…. well… honestly? I have no idea where these holes came from.  I was dismayed […]

The Best Crayons Ever


We don’t go nuts talking about individual products all that much. We’re not infomercial people. But I decided I wanted to write about the best crayons ever¬†(affiliate link) because there’s so much I love about them. I’m a materials geek, especially with anything that features a set of colors. We’ve gone through a lot of […]

I Love You More Than __________

I was a frustrating child. My Mom doesn’t acknowledge that a lot now. I’ve grown up and I have two children that she gets to enjoy and I think she’s been able to breath a few generous sighs of relief that I turned out okay. So far. In most ways we “get” each other now– […]

Easy & Temporary Garland

I think it’s no secret that I adore the now-discontinued Wonderland line of fabric by Momo.  When I heard it was going out of print, I bought some yardage and a layer cake, both of which have been sitting on my shelf for over a year now because I’m too indecisive to use them. Finally […]

Military Hat: A Tutorial (Part 3)

We’re almost done!  A few more steps and you’ll have a fun military cap to astound all your friends with.  For some reason, people just can’t get over the fact that you can make a hat.  Just smile, nod, take a bow or two, and don’t tell them how easy it was. First, sketch out […]

Military Hat: A Tutorial (Part 2)

Yay, we’re finished with that stuffy boring pattern-making stuff from yesterday and ready to get cutting!  Grab your cutting mat, rotary cutter, pattern pieces and fabric.  I suggest something medium to heavy weight.  I used twill because I had it on hand, but I think a textury, bumpy wool or plaid would be super fun. […]