All-In-One Facings: A Tutorial

Here’s a tutorial for a technique that I use a ton.  It’s not particularly hard, just hard to explain, and I haven’t found any good, clear instructions for it on the internet. It’s called an all-in-one facing, and you can use it for sleeveless dresses, shirts, vests, basically anything that doesn’t have sleeves and needs […]

I Read Crap. You too?

Wow. Char makes crap, and she makes it faaaast. I posted about the drawer stickers on Monday, and she’s all “hey, check it out” on Wednesday: Head over to her post and see for yourself! I just love the little ties on the shelf, too. I/we think one of the most rewarding parts of blogging […]

I-know-where-it-goes Drawer Stickers: a Tutorial


Do you have a member of household who feels a bit challenged trying to figure out what goes in which drawer? Sigh. I do. I know it’s all part of the learning process, but I thought these might help lessen the learning curve in this area. Since someone relishes removing eeeevery single article of clothing […]

Two Silhouette Shirts and Get out the vote!

Susan: Here’s a shirt I worked on with a friend. The friend’s husband is getting ready to head out on a series of loooong work trips and she’s throwing three happy hours in his honor at their favorite bars. Three stops = tour. His nickname is Zeke. We used the Silhouette’s trace function and noodled […]

Happy Valentines Day(ish)!

Are ya sick of Valentines Day yet?  Too bad.  I had our playgroup V-day party here today, so you’re getting the pictures a day late.  I’m not a big Valentines day person, but I do enjoy the chance to colorize the winter blahs, and everything in my house is already red, so it was a […]

Pretty Pleats? Tank: A Tutorial

It all started with an e-mail. From Stacey. A question. A straightforward question. How, she asked, do Adrianna and I think this was made? And then we discussed. And I think I discussed enough that I convinced poor Stacey that it was too complicated. Boo. But I did think it was complicated. Until I tried […]