Polygamy is Underrated

You know how some snarky people think they’re so funny when they say, “well, if you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?”

Well, I’m taking those words to heart.  Because I am in love.  Yeah, I’m already married.  But I couldn’t help it, you guys.  Sometimes love just finds you and you are helpless to resist.

Meet the newest love of my life.

Her name is Brigitta (she’s originally from Switzerland).

(Susan wanted me to name her Aurora, since that is her model name, but that reminds me of Sleeping Beauty and she’s my least favorite princess.)

Some of you might recall that I am already married to Oliver + S patterns.  Rest assured that that relationship is still healthy and strong.  Brigitta will just be joining us in what I can only imagine will be a perfect marriage of sewist, pattern, and machine.  Brigitta, you complete us.

For our honeymoon, we made this quilt top with my layer cake of Wonderland by Momo.  I’ve been saving that project for something special, and this was the perfect opportunity.  Wonderland is my all time favorite quilting fabric line of all time (tied with Good Folks).  Why don’t I marry Wonderland, you ask?  Well, it’s discontinued.  So that would just be silly.

For those who feel inclined, Brigitta and I are registered at Fabric.com.

Thanks for sharing in our special time!


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    Hahaha! Love it, I too love my Bernina! I have an older version of your machine, it works beautifully, you will definitely just fall more in love with it!

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    So I’ve realllly been wanting a new machine but I feel it would cheating to replace my old vintage one I learned to sew on. Perhaps this is the solution. “No honey, I’m not replacing you with a new younger version, I’m just adding to our family”

    Think she’ll go for it?

    Where’d you buy her?

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    How fun! I just bought this machine and just set it up. I can’t wait to get sewing on it – I told my husband that this machine is like a Cadillac compared to my old machine – which was the equivalent of an old beater truck. :) Enjoy!

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    Too funny. When I got my new Bernina, who is named Regina Bernina, I felt like a new mom. She spent the night at a friend’s house once, and I seriously felt like my kid was going to her first sleepover. And I don’t even have kids! ;-)

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    I’m married to coffee, my sweet little bitty Janome serger, my laptop, and my camera. I’m just waiting for a lovely sewing machine to complete our family. She doesn’t have to be pretty if she works hard.
    Which reminds me, I keep getting these emails for a beautiful young Russian bride and I was telling my husband I wouldn’t mind having a wife to take care of me but I’d actually rather she wasnt’ a pretty one, is that selfish?

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    Oooooo! Congrats!! My Bernina and I have been together for — gosh, seven years now — and we will never be separated.

    Many years of sewing bliss to you and your precious!

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    Be still my heart!!! I’ve had my eye on some new Bernina’s for the shop. Our current Bernina’s are probably as old as my me. (Well, maybe as old as my oldest kid) But they still work like new! Bernina is a fantastic investment! In other words, your honeymoon should last forever… Congrats!

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    that’s so funny! i just got the EXACT same machine for my graduation present. it even has the same 75 seal sticker in the corner. also, my mom and sister said they wanted to name it aurora for the model name. (where is the originality these days ha ha)

    i feel the same way about my machine. can we have a double wedding?

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    Swoon !! I have a love affair with my Pfaff (Nicknamed Victoria because she always comes through for me) but I’m saving money for when Victoria decides it’s time to retire. Bernina is on my list of possible replacement. Gotta save more

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    Haha, you are too funny! How does your husband feel about all this? Oh wait, also, to be a total dork, I think if it’s a woman who has the multiple spouses it’s polygyny (polygamy is when the man has multiple wives). ;-)

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