Skirt Week 2011 Prizes: More Reasons to Make Skirts

Skirts can be so simple. Or rather elaborate. Or somewhere in the middle. If you’ve never tried, now is THE time. And if you’re an accomplished seamstress, then this is your push to try something new. Whichever you are, you’re not only going for the pride of accomplishment, you might take home some seriously fun […]

Long Sleeves to Short in Ten Minutes or Less


So K has this shirt. It’s just an Old Navy tee with long sleeves. She loves it and was set on wearing it outside one morning when the forecast was for sun and 90 degrees. I said “how about we make it short sleeved?” She blinked for a moment and smiled. “Oooooh-kaaaay!” So here’s what […]

All Hail… Prince Phillip

A week or two ago I asked K what she’d like to be for her friend Alexa’s upcoming princess party. She said “a turtle”. I said “That’s not a prince or a princess”. Her next request? “A karate guy.” Nope, K, that’s not part of the assigned category. Please select a prince or princess. Expressing […]

All Hail Princess Aurora

If you were a reader around this time last year, you may remember Adrianna’s foray into knit princess dresses. She’s done Belle and Snow White. She’s also done the blue version of Sleeping Beauty from the book but I’m told it’ll never see the light of blogworld. Not everything makes the cut. If you’ve made […]

Announcing: Skirt Week 2011 with crafterhours!

Skirt Week is back! (Were you reading last year? If not, here’s the review.) Now that you may’ve had a chance to make some super tops for yourself, you may be ready for a few skirts to complement them. Or maybe you’ve been eyeing all of the tops wishing you’d thrown your hat into the […]

Internationally Famous Among Dozens

Crafterhours got the strangest e-mail a few months ago. We get lots of strange e-mails, and we’re still waiting on the deposit from a West African bank for helping an heiress access her fortunes– but this email was from an editor of Simply Homemade magazine, a publication in the UK. Would we answer a few […]