Hands On

Years and years ago I was amazed by the process of getting a manicure with “tips”. Now the only tips I am interested in are steak tips. I think I was fascinated by the process of instant nails– but over time realized that I certainly didn’t need them and was pretty lucky to have nails […]

More Travel T-Shirt Pouches

I’ve made another small dent in my pile of thrifted tees. After I did these for Adrianna’s girls, I decided I wanted to do two for Stacey’s boys. Well, she has three boys. But I figured the littlest would forgive me for adding some things for him into the middle brother’s stash. Here’s C’s bag– […]

Tools of Engagement

I had a remarkably fun weekend. An engaged friend AND my brother and his fiance came to visit, AND I realized that we might be able to schedule and plan for M’s long overdue baptism during our upcoming trip to the friend’s wedding. So add that to a Saturday Katie visit and we were talking […]

A Nearly Accidental Garden

This spring we had a fence built in our backyard. What a tremendous relief. After just a few months with it I can’t imagine NOT having it. I love the general idea of wide open space and not having fences in-between neighbors in theory, but with a 4- and 2-year-old, their play dates and our […]

Dog Bone Burp Cloths: A Tutorial

When Rae posted this tutorial it made me think about what I wanted to make for Katie. Once she chose the nursery theme, how I’d make burp cloths became obvious. They had to be shaped like dog bones.  Simple enough. And a good project to help me put off working on the quilt and the […]

Cheating Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

The other day on Pinterest I found a cookie recipe. It looked aaaawesome. But… there was an obvious shortcut to be made. Let’s look at my results first. Here’s a cookie. But not just any cookie. It’s sort of thick in the middle, right? That’s ’cause there’s an OREO in there. I can’t even describe […]