Happy Halloween!

I’ve had an envelope full of paci clip hardware sitting on my desk for about 3 months now. I’m still planning to make a few for Liam, but haven’t gotten to it yet. I definitely didn’t plan to use them for this… But it is what it is. After my friends and I decided to […]

She Had to Be a Baboon

While we were visiting family and friends earlier this month, we went to the zoo that will always feel like home, Riverbanks. The best part of going there as a child was that they had polar bears that swam in a pool, and steps that took you underneath so that you could press your nose […]

Finally getting rolling…

on K’s costume. The one that she proclaimed that she must have and that I must make. I waited a while, expecting she’d change her mind or find the NEXT thing she must have, but it stuck. And now I have to finish it today and tomorrow because I don’t know how useful I’ll be […]

And the winners are….

The handmade label competition has come to an end– with FOUR winners to announce! I’m hoping that the designers who aren’t on this list of four are still quite satisfied that they put themselves out there. I read lots of feedback in e-mails from entrants who’d been thinking of doing this for a while and the […]

Save the Voile!

I really didn’t intend for this to be my “I’m back!” post, but I guess this is what you get.  It’s me, Adrianna, the other blogger on Crafterhours.  You may remember me from last year, when I used to post stuff.  Since then, I’ve moved across 2 oceans, spent 2 months enjoying family and friends in […]

Your Turn to Pick a Winner! Label Entries are In!

The entries are in! Head on over to the gallery for a better look at the entries and to vote for your favorites by “liking” them. You can like as many as you want, but you can’t like one more than once. If you are an entrant, feel free to add a comment about your […]