Holiday Notes

Not a long post, just a few thoughts. Not a sponsored post, either. Just something I think’s worth sharing. I spent a few hours yesterday looking for a holiday card design I liked. Sometimes I design a card myself, and sometimes I go the must faster route of picking one and dropping our photos in. […]

Make a Santa Bag: A Tutorial

[This is a re-post from September when it was included as part of the Holiday Bake, Craft, Sew Along series.] Today I’m sharing a tutorial for an item that can fall into all four categories– a Santa Bag. It was inspired by one I bought at Pottery Barn Kids before I started sewing regularly. Once […]

Giving Much Thanks

We had a fun crafty bloggy playdate this morning. Jen from Upcycled Education came over with her little O. My kid isn’t even in “real” school yet and I’m loving school breaks as a chance to connect with our scattered friends. Jen and I were talking about all sorts of blogging things that crafty bloggers […]

Two (new to me) Places I Love to Shop

I love reading other blogger’s posts about the places they shop, especially if they’re places I’m not familiar with. Okay, sometimes there’s a big swell of jealousy to get over. I spent three years on the other side of the world where there were few fun shopping options, fewer affordable ones, and little to no […]

Worth Reading: A Field Guide to Fabric Design

Back in the day when Adrianna and I lived about 4 miles from each other, I found the “How It’s Made” episode that showed how fabric is made. It was good… but disappointingly brief. I think it was about a basic cotton lawn or something. At the end we both said “that’s it?!”. We wanted […]

Learning to Sew at 5

My recently-five-years-old daughter seems to be at least as interested in crafting as I am. She’s always been curious– wanting to touch and try everything that I have around, making for some nervous moments. Also some cringe-worthy moments, like when she saw me temporarily using my lips to hold pins as I was removing them […]