2011: A Casual Review

In crafterhours world, 2011 was a busy year. In sorta random order: we held Skirt Week. We joined Pinterest. We began accepting sponsors. We hosted Spoonflower I Spy Swap 2. We welcomed a baby ourselves and those of close friends. One of us moved. One of us got our husband back. And all the while we made things, […]

Meet the newest member of Crafterhours

In addition to moving across two oceans, waiting months for my stuff to arrive, unpacking it all, repacking it all due to threats of imminent flooding, then unpacking it all again, I have one more little tiny excuse for not posting since May. It’s this:   I was busy crafting a person. I’ll have to […]

Merry Christmas, Every One

Most of our Christmas preparation is done. We’re at that point where I let things fall off of the to-do list in favor of chilling out and enjoying the holiday. It’s always hard for me to let go of those last ideas… I have this picture of how cute/funny/yummy it could be… but it’s not […]

Record Your Own Kids Audio Books: A Tutorial

My girls will get a bunch of things this Christmas. It’s exciting to me to think about what they’re getting and wonder which things will be hits and which will be misses. There are always some of each. We’re finally past the point, though, where the kids think the boxes are funner than the gifts. […]

Ornament Factory

Yesterday morning was spent making piles of these with the help of a super fun crafty mom friend. This time around, instead of photos, there’s a school graphic, the name of the school and the year on one side, and it’s blank on the other. Since I had about 50 to make and didn’t want […]

Fast, Easy, Inexpensive, Cute Photo Ornaments: A Tutorial

I’ve taken on a fundraising task for K’s school. We’re making ornaments to sell at the upcoming Holiday Bazaar. I’ve spent a while trying to come up with a recipe for ornament-making that required little financial investment and a reasonable amount of time with awesome results. That’s the goal, anyway. And while thinking about making […]