I Spy Spoonflower Assortment: Alloy

Yesterday’s excitement around here was Eden, and Eden’s brother Alloy makes an appearance today. Here’s a look at eeeevery single one of the 56 prints in this assortment: (Did you catch Rae’s whales in the middle?) You know, in deciding to put these sets together, I didn’t see anything else like it. Which made me […]

I Spy Spoonflower Assortment: Eden

I learned so very much doing I Spy: Spoonflower Swap 1 & Swap 2. A lot. Like: – there are a lot of people who love I Spy. – there are a lot of people who love Spoonflower. – there are a lot of people who love I Spy: Spoonflower Swaps. – running a swap […]

What I made for #3: Knit Blanket

 (That would be a blanket made from knit fabric, not a knitted blanket.  As if.  That’s what grandmas are for.) When it came time to make a blanket for baby (because the other 14 I own just weren’t good enough), I strayed from my usual minky since the lows here are in the 80s.  As […]

What I made for #3: Carseat Cover

I thought I’d take a couple posts to show you the (very very few) things I made for baby girl #3.  Although, I must say that it’s more than I made in preparation for the other two.  My “preparing for baby” story kind of reads backwards compared to what you would expect.  For girl #1, […]

Leaping From Hot Tub to Polar Bear Swim

That’s how it’s feeling around here. From the hot, humid, creative greenhouse of loveliness at Alt to the freezing cold reality of Mom. Not that I don’t love home– but a few days of uninterrupted sleep, time to do my hair (wait, I can do something other than a ponytail?) and talk to some of the […]

Crafty Bits: Holland

We’ve done a few Crafty Bits Tours in the past. They’re not comprehensive tours so much as snapshots of inspiration along the way. We’ve done London, Berlin and Las Vegas. Not a strange collection at all. We twisted our friend Kim’s arm into photographing a spring trip to Holland, and posting it now means that if you […]