You-Know-Where-It-Goes? A Sticky Announcement and Giveaway

A while back I posted about drawer stickers I made for my girls. We’ve found them to be really helpful. K and M both do a better job of opening the right drawer (or, you know, opening and closing fewer drawers) to find what they need or help me put things away after every. last. […]

Thoughts on Limes and Photos

Today was a busy day in kid world. Taking both kids shopping this morning for groceries and for supplies that needed to go to school with the older kid in the afternoon, getting things put away and the little one off to play while I took the bigger one to school and stayed in the […]

The Decision to Expand a Family

Family size is so personal. How many kids are right for your family, if you want kids at all? How do you know when you’re “done”? What do you do if you want a larger family and can’t make it happen by traditional means? And what happens if you decide you want another, have it, […]

What I made for #3: The Nursery (and the end, I promise!)

I’m wrapping up my “What I made for #3″ series with some shots from the nursery.  You’ve seen almost everything in here already, so it might be a big yawn.  I think it’s fun to see everything together though (unless you are one of the previously mentioned people whose head may explode with too many […]

Scissors for My (Not Yet) Three-Year-Old

Scissors? For my daughter who is not yet 3? Yes. Sort of. I briefly thought my first daughter could handle real scissors at about 3. You know, the kiddie kind. But really, on the inside, I knew better. Why I handed them to her anyway, I don’t know. Of course I stood right there with […]

What I made for #3: Fabric Wall Letters

Just dropping in with a quick Friday post to show you what I did for baby #3’s name decor.  I’ve enjoyed personalizing each of my babies’ nurseries with their names, and I love how each of them were a little different.  (I’m going to show them to you, but you have to keep in mind […]