Yum&my Valentines

Last year’s valentine efforts included K filling in the name of her classmates and her own name a corresponding 17 times on the boxed valentines from chain stores. The thought of making them occurred way too late in the game, but really, these looked soooo fun to me. And the teeny tiny space available for writing on the boxed cards were so miserably small for just-learning-to-write K that getting her to finish the task was worse than pulling teeth. You’re given you an anesthetic when they pull teeth. I wondered whether her teacher, who’d asked that the kids do it entirely by themselves, would notice if I did the writing upside-down, backwards, with my left hand and after spinning myself dizzy AND chugging an adult beverage. (I thought way too much about that.)
So this year we started earlier and did our own thing. Starting with this photo.
A tiny bit of cutting with an X-acto and a piece of tape…
And… ta-da! She’s an M&M lover, so she’s ecstatic about the treat. Or she was as soon as I assured her she’d get some too.
Pleeeenty of space for her to write. So much easier. The fact that she’s a year older might help a bit too.
┬áHere’s just the text portion if you’d like to grab it– double click to enlarge:
Oh, and a red version. Options.
Easy peasy.


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    So cute! I almost did the “kid holding lollipop” picture Valentine, but Molly decided on candy cane hearts. Guess I need to get started on that so we have time for writing all these names!!

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    So cute. C has winter break next week, so no valentines for us. I’m actually kinda sad about that. So glad K is getting her fill of American traditions.

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