Tools of Motherhood

There are two small tools that have saved me on a number of occasions, and it’s been in the back of my mind for a while. I depend on them so often that I should really share them. The first mom tool is a carabiner on my keys. I didn’t start using it until I […]

More Unexpectedness

When I posted about what I hadn’t expected in the fall, I really, really didn’t expect what came next in As Our Dental World Turns. After I’d written that, thinking I was in the clear, I had to go through three rounds of antibiotics to treat a sinus infection caused by the wisdom tooth removal. […]

Shamelessy Self-Indulgent: We’re on APARTMENT THERAPY!

I’m not sure I’m the type to a vision of what my life will become any more than five minutes from now. No big plan about where I’d like to be someday. I try to be happy where I am, while I’m here.  Instead I have more of a mental list of things that I’d […]

Chalkboard Party Cups

I don’t know that I would’ve come up with this idea if the Silhouette folks hadn’t just sent me a roll of Chalkboard vinyl to try. But I’m getting ready to help host a party this weekend for friends getting married in May, and the combination of events produced: I love a good grown-up party. […]

Designer Love: Beck and Lundy

Before Christmas I was searching for a fun, personal gift for my brother and his fiancee, both cyclists. The tandem bike is a sweet symbol of their journey together.  Happily I stumbled upon Beck and Lundy. Patty Sloninger is the artist behind the shop, and her work is whimsical and lovely. And web-wise, you can […]

A Green Post: Crafty with Coffee

There’s ordinary St. Patrick’s Day stuff happening around our house. Lucky Charms as a special treat, drawing rainbows, green clothes and accessories, maybe a Shamrock Shake. Mostly I’m so happy that my sweet Irish-American husband is home from a month of travel that I just want to sit and look at him and celebrate the […]