KCWC: Day 5, Racerback Dresses & excuses

I was super productive for KCWC on Friday.  I made a pattern for this dress in my girls’ sizes (4 & 6), then discovered that my size 6 was actually an 8, so I made another 6.  Then I decided that since I had 3 sizes already made, I may as well grade it from […]

KCWC: Day 3, The “Why Not” Dress

I found this cute ballerina border print down in Chinatown yesterday and was so excited by a fabric ballerina-y enough for my daughter but not nausea-inducing for me that I said Why Not and purchased it without a second thought. At first I figured I’d just make a simple a-line dress to show off the […]

KCWC: Days 1 & 2

I’m a little late to the game, so consider this my unofficial entry into Meg’s KCWC.  I can’t really show you what I made on day 1 because it’s a project that I owe another blogger (what up Jess!).  Here’s an eensy weensy sneak peak though, just so you won’t call me a big fat […]

I Spy: A NEW Set! Meet Alpha

It’s totally exhilarating and fun to finally be able to show you… the NEW Spoonflower I Spy set: Alpha! In this set there’s one 5″ square for each letter of the alphabet, plus two extras that I felt haaaad to be included. I was just about to caption the contents of each of these… but […]

A “Happy” 3rd Birthday

I love a loose party theme. I know that my kids might get licensed-character-attached at some point, but for now I’m trying to avoid it. I’m also avoiding jumpy places and kid gamey-machine places. But I’ve learned better than to say “I’ll never _________” because parenthood serves that back toasted, with a pickle on the […]

If a Quilt Could Be The Last Quilt Ever

So, I might be done blogging. Every once in a while I see something so beautiful that I think “Well, it’s not that I feel like I have to top that, but if there’s already something so beautiful and amazing in the world then I can just look at that– all day every day– and […]