Wall of Shame No More

You probably know that you can upload an image and have it printed on canvas. Did you know that you can choose to print on canvas that isn’t then stretched on a frame and it’s considerably less expensive? I’ll show you how I used rolled Uprinting canvas prints to put an end to my wall […]

Another Trip to NYC

So Skirt Week wrapped up… and then we had a week of radio silence. When the blog gets quiet, it’s generally because we’re both too busy living to blog. And this was that sort of week. Adrianna is an hour-ish away! She’ll be here this week to visit, and we have BIG plans. Like– have […]

Skirt Week: That’s a Wrap!

This year’s skirtpalooza was fun, no? We like to summarize all of the fun in one post… just for fun. A skirtpalooza linkpalooza. For anyone wandering in who’s not heard of skirt week, it’s alllll here. Or here for 2011. We started out with this announcement and invitation to join us. We then set up […]

Styled by Tori – Easy DIY Jewelry

Did you know that Tori Spelling and I are BFF’s? Well, practically. Her dressmaker/celebrity tailor is a long-time friend of my BFF. So we’re practically sisters. And now that Skirt Week has wrapped up it’s finally time to share an instant gratification project I’ve been working on. Waaay faster than sewing prize-winning skirts. Or in […]

Skirt Week: Children’s Skirt Winners!

It’s time to see the results for our Children’s Skirt Winners! The winner for readers’ choice from our poll yesterday was the Double Layer Circle Skirt from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. One judge said: “Love the soft fabric and colors and patterns working together. Looks so comfortable to wear.“ Congratulations Jamie!!!  You will […]


Now that all of the women’s Skirt Week categories have wrapped up, it’s time for the color explosion grand finale that is CHILDREN’S SKIRTS! This is, by far, the largest pool for entry. It could really be it’s OWN week. From the 180 entries, the judges carefully plucked 10 to compete for Reader’s Choice. They’re […]