Readjustment and Rainbows

My week began with this. It’s a good thing. At least I keep repeating those words in my head. She LOVES school. I’m the only one crying about it and I feel ridiculous for it. Well, M is pouting a bit too, but she’s 3. Now that K is in school, M might soon realize […]

Newly Obsessed with Jewelry-Making

I haven’t been this interested in jewelry since I first discovered Claire’s in… 4th grade? I’ve had a few short-lived flings with jewelry-making but none have lasted all that long, for much the same reason that I wasn’t all that interested in sewing until a few years ago– I couldn’t find supplies I was excited […]

SK8R Dress

So I’m not really sure why, but apparently this kind of dress is called a skater dress.  Are they ideal for skating?  I would think there would be too much potential for a london/france/underpants scenario. Regardless, I decided to be all “street” for 5 minutes and call it the SK8R dress!  (Don’t worry, it won’t […]

Sew in Tune: Born in the USA

  Hey, I’m over at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy today sharing my tutorial for the Sew In Tune series.  A bunch of bloggers have already shared musical-themed tutorials for boy clothes, so go check it out!  What a cool idea for a sewing series, huh?  Of course, as you know, I don’t have boys.  So […]

These again

Much like last year, but this time these are for my own kid. (Also, I didn’t spring for Prismacolor set to send to kindergarten.) Another thing K can add to the list of things that make me a mean mom. As luck would have it, I’ve made a loooot of drawer stickers this year. And […]

Gift It

Kimberly at bugaboo, mini, mr & me is hosting a gift idea series – Gift It. I’m into starting early this year, as you may’ve noticed from previous posts. Which makes me think “why didn’t I do that the last two years?” And then I ponder that… and remember the craziness of the last two […]