Wild Jewelry

I’m posting over at Crafts Unleashed today to share what I’m calling “gilded animal bracelets”. K’s birthday party theme flip-flopping left me with a bag of zoo animal beads that I just couldn’t let go unused. To make them more my style, I added a little gold. Grows them up a bit. Okay, maybe only […]

The “It’s all about the fabric” Dress

I had no reason to make this dress, it’s really just about the fabric.  Here’s what happened: I went to the fabric store looking for an ungodly amount of garish polyester for halloween costumes, but amidst all the petroleum based bolts, I discovered this:   A gorgeous pre-stitched one hundred percent cotton bolt of loveliness.  […]

The Summit Of Awesome: All About It

So yesterday told you about FabLab DC, host of Hello Craft’s Summit of Awesome. FabLab is a meeting and collaboration space where makers can create just about anything. The Summit itself centered on crafty makers and sellers and resources to support them in doing that. Organizers of a crafty maker event know that crafty makers […]

The Summit of Awesome: FabLab

Last weekend I was able to go to the Hello Craft Summit of Awesome. And it was… awesome. I only learned of it because a friend who is the director of nearby Fenton Street Market invited me. I’m so glad she did! Now that I’ve subscribed to Hello Craft I’ll be able to invite myself to the […]

As Seen In “Parenting” Magazine: Me. Sort of.

In my mailbox today: Yes, there’s a boob wars article and costume ideas, but that’s not the part I’m most excited about. On page 35– those are I-know-where-it-goes Drawer Stickers! Parenting wrote to me in July asking for “one of every color, and can you get them here by Tuesday?” Ummm– sure! I really did […]

Bangles that Don’t Jangle

I love looking at, trying on and buying jewelry. I don’t love wearing it. If it’s scratchy or heavy or noisy  I’ll only wear it for really fancy gatherings, and there aren’t that many of those in my life. Something that fits a little better with my lifestyle — little kids, casual clothes, on-the-go — […]