Tacky With Taste: Quick, Cute Gift Decor

There are a lot of options for sticking things together. It sounds simple enough, but there are very specific uses for a lot of sticky things. Have you been on the glue aisle of a big box store? Too many options, really.  Most folks are familiar with school glue. It’s great because it’s water based, […]

Mini Canvases

These are things that can kill you with cuteness. Little teeny tiny canvases. The size of a post-it note. While they are so very very cute, they’re also so very very tiny to actually make anything on them. So my solution to make use of the cuteness is to print art and photos and mod […]

Because You Can Never Have Too Many

As is typical, I went to a big box craft store this week for ONE THING. As is also typical, I was distracted by browsing and spent way longer than I meant to and had to cross the entire store to go to the restroom. (Do you talk to yourself in parent voice when you’re […]

Rainbow Undies

So, let’s talk about Adrianna’s amazingness last week with KCWC. AMAZINGNESS. I love seeing how amazingly skilled she’s become. I mean, she had plenty of skill when I met her, but now she’s amazingly skilled and FAST. Amazing. Totally overusing the word yet it’s still appropriately used here because she’s AMAZING. My own KCWC (Kids […]

A Sticky Subject

Earlier this year Spoonflower offered some fabric designers a chance to take two new product offerings for a test drive at a discount. You’d guess it’d be two new types of fabric? That was what I’d have guessed. But they’re branching out– into wallpaper and wall decals. The products are finally out of the testing […]

KCWC Day 7: Aaand Scene.

Here’s my finished Junebug dress! Ok ok, I’m glad I made it.  Thanks for the push, ladies.  As I suspected, this is one of my favorite things from this week.  It’s tied with my three cardis, the pjs, the baby rompers, and the balloon dress…  You guys were right yesterday – I made it with […]