Guest at Little Kids Grow: On NOT Balancing

Shannon of Little Kids Grow is doing a series on Moms. Specifically, Moms motivating other Moms by sharing their perspectives. She asked some questions about how I do what I do and I was happy to answer. My particular category was “balance” but my response is more about how I avoid looking for balance at all.

While you’re there skimming my rambling, hop around Shannon’s blog. I love her upbeat attitude and am inspired by all that she does while maintaining said upbeat attitude. I also love that she admits that things aren’t always perfect and lovely. If you can maintain an upbeat attitude while embracing the fact that things aren’t perfect and lovely, then I’d like to hang out with you. I try to be the upbeat girl– and I know that who I hang out with makes a huge difference.

Anyone who has (and home schools!) 6 kids and blogs –writing involved sewing tutorials, no less– deserves applause.

Label Tutorial

Every Monday Shannon’s posts pick me up to start the week. I soak up her happiness (and/or realism) as it pops up in my reader, and this new series is an extension of her Monday Motivation.

Bubble Top Tutorial

The Moms Know Moms series has just started, so there’s lots of Mom insight to come. Hop over and join the conversation!


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    Oh I loooved this interview, especially your thoughts on balance. I keep hearing people mention The Happiness Project and I think I need to read it – seems to fit with my general philosophy but I still feel guilty sometimes.

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