Humble Beginnings: A New Venture

So this is the thing: I’ve started a shop.  It’s not something that I’m ready to share with the internet at large, but I wanted to let you, our very faithful followers, know.  I’m starting small.  Like, really small.  Like, I only have 1 thing for sale right now small.

I really really wanted everything to be perfect before I mentioned the shop.  I really wanted it to be stocked with at least 3 things.  But then I remembered that I’m not perfect, and I have an increasingly busy life, and I have 3 kids who need and deserve way more attention than my piddly attempts at entrepreneurship do.  So, it’s what I can do right now, and it’s enough.

I am super excited about the one thing I have for sale though!  Even though perfection is impossible, I want to get as close as I can when offering something for sale.  I’ve poured hours and weeks and months into this pattern, and I’m really happy with it.  I hope you guys like it too!

Go check it out at my new website here:

Before you click on that link, I should also mention that this website was made 100% by me, thus the obvious less-than-stellarness.  My husband is very talented at that sort of thing and at some point in the next year, I hope for him to return from his continuous business trips, reacquaint himself with our children, learn where we keep the silverware, and then get to work on my website!

So, to sum up: This is what I’ve got for now, and I’m really excited about what it could become in the future, so stay tuned!


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    Well done you ! I too have been trying to build up the nerve to start a shop (the need to have everything PERFECT is holding me back !!!)- its a big step & I wish you all the very best with it hon ! x x x

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    well i loved it…so much so that i just had to buy it:) i love how you did the arms and the shoulders. my girls are in major need of some cardigans and this is perfect. thanks for the large range of sizes too! oh and great job on all of it. give yourself a big ole pat on the back, everything looks great! i love the simplicity of the site. its clean and fresh. good luck and cannot wait to see more added:)

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    Super idea to start with a cardigan! I haven’t seen much along those lines out there. Once I get some some cash in my PayPal account (my “mad money”) again I’m going to have to snatch this pattern up!

    Congrats! (and that’s a WAY better website than I could ever design, so kudos!)

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    well done! it is a really lovely pattern – and it all looks so perfectly professional. fyi…when you get there, it would be worth looking at opencart ( they are a free shopping system. i recently moved over from a wordpress shop to opencart and am totally – totally pleased. really easy to use and customise (compared with my wordpress shop, anyhow). hubby did some extra html tweaking for me – but really not a lot. i hope that you sell lots and lots and lots and LOTS :)

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      wow, genius, thank you! I’m using open source to design my patterns, so you’d think I’d have investigated open source selling platforms. der. I had initially ruled out a selling platform because they’re restricting and rapidly become expensive, but this is PERFECT! Thank you so much – I’m going to look into it. And now my husband is free to go on business trips.
      Thank you so much Keri!

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    Good for you!!! I always remind myself that a project finished is more perfect than the perfect project waiting on a shelf to be finished when the perfect time comes around.

    Love the cardigan and good for you on designing the web site!!! Best of luck.

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    LOVE the cardigan! Good luck with everything. It’s such a classic to want to have everything in order before doing something. I love that you came over that hurdle and just started with what you had. Very inspiring….I hope to do the same one day.

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    ok, so the pattern is AMAZING!! well done and super professional. and your email totally made me chuckle:) your too funny! i cannot wait to get started on it. im going to have to make a little boy one first though. im making baby gifts for my sil right now. you know lots of bibs and that stuff but how cute would a little boy sweater be with all of that?! i will send a pic once im done. GREAT JOB!

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      ughh…i was really hoping nobody would ask this question, because it isn’t good news. I found it at some random booth in chinatown in Bangkok. So…yeah…good luck. SO sorry!! I absolutely hate when people do that and now I’m guilty :(

      you know, I’ve heard that the new martha stewart craft paint can go on fabric, and it comes with a spray bottle attachment. maybe you could try misting that on some gray knit and see what happens. The fabric I used does have a silver “coating” on gray – like, if you iron it at high temps, the silver comes off. So, maybe you could achieve the same look fairly easily? if you do it, let me know how it works!

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    I’m making one for my daughter and another for my son for KCWC. So great for the fall. Congrats on your new venture. The pattern is totally great.

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    Okay I keep meaning to comment on this but haven’t yet. LOVE that you’ve opened a pattern shop and love this first pattern! Once I’ve bested Rae in our sew-off, it’s on my list. Or maybe it’ll be in the catalog-inspired challenge…not sure yet. I’m working it in. ;)

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    Oh my stars! You are wonderful! The pattern really does look perfect & I love that you are smart & courageous enough for this new adventure! Good luck:)

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    Love it! Love that its unisex, that it comes in so many sizes, that the pattern is gorgeous! Can’t wait for mom to finish the ones she has started so we can show you!


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