KCWC Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

While I’d love for everything around here to be charcoal linen and nani iro polka dots, the fact is that I’ve got really opinionated kids.  And their opinion is that rainbow stretch knit is the bestest thing evar.  So, in an effort to get them to actually wear what I make, I’ve compromised my beliefs.  (And, let’s be honest, I don’t hate this fabric.  Exhibit A: our blog header.)

So, with that in mind, I’ve created the worlds’ most obnoxious pajamas*
They’re bright.  They’re striped.  They’re orange.  They’re good for jumping.

The tank is this free Ottobre pattern, the shorts are something I (obviously) made up as I went.  Sewing with rib knit is soooo not my favorite.  Need to invest in some orange jersey.
I can’t believe the last time I made jammies and did a bed jumping post was over two years ago.  Crazy.  This needs to be an annual event at the very least.  Anybody want to join in on a Make-Your-Kids-Pajamas-And-Then-Photograph-Them-Jumping-On-The-Bed event?  We could come up with a catchier title.  

*I take that back.

ps: some of you are sick of hearing this, but I can’t stress enough that I had nothing to do with the choosing of my furniture, including that headboard.  It was chosen and provided for me while we live overseas, and I am grateful for it.  Though in the future I hope they let a woman pick it out.  A woman with the gift of sight.


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    I, for one, love the idea of a Make-Your-Kids-Pajamas-And-Then-Photograph-Them-Jumping-On-The-Bed event. And I don’t think you need to change the name at all. Don’t even turn it into an acronym. It’s perfect just the way it is.

    Also I LOVE these pjs! I’m making Cenz some but they’re not nearly as fantasticly obnoxious as these!

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    they are too fun!! I have just posted my first kcwc project too. it’s the first time i’ve joined the challenge and it is definitely a good motivator to be able to share your work and find other keen sewers! Your blog looks cool. Suz

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    I simply love them. Pyjamas like that would make me want to jump on the bed, too. (And then go rest my eyes gazing at some charcoal linen.)

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    Are you kidding?? These aren’t obnoxious, they’re fantastic! I want some!

    But I should not have clicked through on that link. I have pyjama trauma now.

    And YES YES I will sew jammies and photograph my jumping kids too!

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    A-dorable. I love a good crafterhours bed jumping post. And those shorts are fabulous. No pressure, but straighten out that little side cuff for me and these are totally unisex, sporty shorts, that would make a perfect contribution to the shop. I’ll wait. Patiently. I swear.

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    electric boogaloo!!!! i totally say that too. oh and did you know your original bed-jumping pj tutorial was one of my first pins ever when i joined pinterest a year ago? true story. love the jammies. kids love bright stuff and what better way to work it in but pjs (which the probably won’t leave the house in…too often)?!

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    haha charcoal linen and nani iro polka dots – love it. I know exactly what you mean. Love using up obnoxious stuff on jammies – it makes everyone happy. That said, I actually think these are pretty cute – bright and fun and at least not licensed character-prints.

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    Adorable. Love the bright colors. I had to comment because of your last line. Oh I could so picture myself saying that line out loud many times over. I have filed it in my memory box of brilliantly funny things to say to people. I especially love all humor that involves sight (kind of an inside joke).

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    You should see the electric orange skirt I made last week. Actually, you can probably see it all the way from there, if you look out your window. It was a “Oh hey mom it’s Orange Day at school tomorrow and I don’t have anything orange” sort of situation.

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