KCWC Day 3: Romperific

Yesterday was the day of the knit romper for the bubbie.  I had this idea and I just kind of started cutting (hint: never a good idea) and you’ll be shocked to discover that my first attempt turned out both too wide and too short.

I was able to take the side seams in, but you can see that the trim on the bodice side seam doesn’t line up anymore.  Wah-wah.

The length isn’t ridiculously short, but it’s definitely not going to fit her in say, a week.  I figured I’d at least get a few cute pictures of her wearing it, right?  Ha.  No.

Instead I got about 47 pictures that are a variation of this:

And then I called in the recruits, but she was too busy staring at them.

And then started moving again.

For romper attempt #2, I figured I’d make it in green knit so it could be her tinker bell costume.  I am proud to report that at least 1/3 of my kids will now have costumes on Halloween.  Though my 6 yr old is getting old enough now to realize that a deadline is looming, and still no costumes.  She asks me everyday when I’m going to start working on it.  Um, dear, it’s KCWC!

Still no go on the pictures, but this time I enlisted adult help and was ever so slightly more successful in getting her held down in one solitary spot for 1/80 of a second (says my shutter speed).

I am love love LOVING all the KCWC stuff right now.  Opening my reader every morning is better than Christmas!  Keep it up ladies, you’re halfway there.  I’m relying on you.  Teeny Tiny Tink is relying on you.  You wouldn’t want to let her down.


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