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I spent a few hours* the other day cleaning up my sewing area, so I thought it was a good time to snap some pictures and show you guys what it looks like.  Because I know you’ve just been chewing your collective nails down waiting for this information.  The wait is over!

You’ll notice right away that my sewing area is lacking two mandatory things, namely: natural light and decoration of any kind.  I know, I’m a sew-y blog-y fraud.

So, here we go, my wannabe, poser sewing area.  (has anyone said “wannabe” since 2002?)

 Yes, the other half of the room that contains my sewing area is the playroom.  This is actually pretty convenient, until the baby starts eating dropped pins.   I wanted to switch sides, so I could have the natural light from the window, but my corner is recessed behind a short wall, so guests can’t readily see my slovenliness upon entering the house.  (instead they have to take 10 steps into the house first)
It’s not ideal, but it is actually pretty spacious, especially compared to the 3 square feet I had in our old place.  And the 2 square feet I’ll have when we move back to our house in the states…
So what am I up to in this sewing area of mine?  Well, like the rest of sewingblogland, I am busy cutting and prepping for KCWC!
I have some very ambitious goals, made even more ambitious by the fact that my husband is still out of town.  But luckily the majority of my goals are dedicated to my new pattern, which after sewing approximately 532,602 times, I can now make in a half hour flat.  
I’m also planning on finally making a Junebug dress (she had me at the name!) out of this fabric:
and maybe a bubble dress out of this fabric:
Oh, and I totally forgot about the jammies and the romper I wanted to make for the bubbie.  As I said, ambitious.
What are you making?  May I suggest a Greenpoint Cardigan?  (I swear this blog isn’t going to become a walking advertisement.  I’m done now.)
*Yes, this is what it looks like after hours of cleaning.  The only thing I consistently make in my sewing room is a mess.
ps: I apologize if you saw a preview of this post a few days ago in your reader.  Blogger apparently thought that when I hit “enter” to begin a new paragraph, I really meant “publish”. 


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    Wow, I can really relate, I was two months behind on my calendar and have a lot of WIPs…You always see everyone’s beautiful and clutter free work stations in mags and such but the reality is that when creativity strikes 1,000 ideas form and a mess happens! Your space looks great and what a good idea about using half the room to watch your kiddos. I like the fabric, it’s really cute!

    Keep up your work, it’ll get done. I still have a to-do list from a year ago! Ah such is life!

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      um, that’s pretty awesome. I would like it if everything I plan on making could be shown to me in the fabric of my choice from now on, please. How helpful would that be? (and yes, you have def reinforced my decision re: the washi bubble dress :)

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      wait wait wait. i just looked through your (amazing) blog and saw that I also inadvertently copied your AMH loulouthi chair! You have crazy good taste. Quick, tell me what I’m about to sew next.

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    Your set up is almost exactly how I was set up in my old place. Sewing room on one side and toy room on the other side. Except I had zero windows. But it worked (mostly) and I was always thankful for the space.

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    Bahahaha. Thanks for the mid morning chuckle-it’s helping my I have to wash 3 loads of bedding laundry b/c my daughter had an accident mood. So I’m probably in the minority but I think decorations are kinda pointless. Wannabe. HAHA. I’ve got a shared playroom/sewing room. It is a room that’s about 9×9 if that so there’s no wall to temporarily hide behind. I cut on my kitchen table (which barely seats four) and iron on the counter. Love the fabric choices and your upcoming projects. And S should get a picture with Prince Eric.

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    You don’t need wall hangings or knickknacks… your fabrics, thread, and daughter are decoration enough. =) I have a lot of the ‘necessary evils’ around my house.

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    Thanks for sharing! I have my sewing space way hidden feom the play area, as I can’t really see my two year old twins behaving responsibly around sharp scissors, pins and needles. Iove the idea of being able to sew while watching the kids play, though!

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    Your space is great! Funny, I seemed to get more done when I didn’t have my very own room…. I might be the other job I have to go to most days….moo

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