Teeny Tiny Books of Instagram Photos

I know I’m just one of 3 billion people obsessed with tiny things. Recently it’s been tiny confetti and tiny canvases. So when I saw (after reading LPM’s post here) that you can print tiny books made of your Instagram photos, I jumped at it. I think I thought it’d make a great Christmas gift, […]

Christmas Gifts for Squeaky Clean Kids

When I was a kid I was fascinated by fun soap. Well, actually, I should just say I was fascinated with soap in general. I loved hotel soaps, bath soaps and those little shaped soaps that came in 80’s colors like Dusty Rose and Williamsburg Blue and Forest Green and sat in a little dish […]

One One of Everything Winner!

There’s news in crafterhours world. We pooled all 333 entries for the One of Everything crafterhours Giveaway and chose one– Allyson, who chose to enter via our Facebook page: Allyson, send us an e-mail so that we can ask you some questions about the items that require color choices! If you didn’t win… duuuude, I’m […]

Crafty Cyber Monday Sale!

My husband pointed out yesterday that we have an extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, since Thanksgiving fell so early on the calendar. Initially I thought it was a jedi mind trick on his part, but even if it had been, it worked. I felt more relaxed immediately, and put aside a few […]

A One-of-Everything crafterhours GIVEAWAY! [Closed]

Blogging brings the occasional opportunity to give away fun stuff. But this year we’ve both opened shops, and now we’re able to give away our OWN fun stuff! We have much to be thankful for personally, but in crafty world, we’re wildly appreciative of the fun of being able to share what we create with […]

I Spy a Wrap on Swap 3!

Something I’m thankful for this week: Spoonflower I Spy Swap 3 is finished! All of the participants should have their fabric in-hand now. Or under-presser-foot. Whichever. There are a handful of picks in this swap that’ve been chosen in previous swaps. The cameras, kites and alligators, for example. I love the variety of color and […]