Teeny Tiny Books of Instagram Photos

I know I’m just one of 3 billion people obsessed with tiny things. Recently it’s been tiny confetti and tiny canvases. So when I saw (after reading LPM’s post here) that you can print tiny books made of your Instagram photos, I jumped at it. I think I thought it’d make a great Christmas gift, but that was out the window when I overly excitedly opened the package two scant seconds after I heard the FedEx guy drop the envelope at the front door. These are shipped via FedEx from Taiwan. On one hand, I’d totally dig it if they were American made. On the other, it was kind of fun to get a FedEx package directly from Taiwan…
These come in a bundle of three, which is perfect for us. One for me and each girly. These books have teeny tiny magnets inside the covers, so that when you close it, it stays closed. So fancy.

The site interface is easy to use, you just choose your 24 favorite photos and they’ll pop ’em in in random order.
The girls each labeled the back of their book with their names and or/scribbles so we all know whose is whose. Though mine is safely out of their reach. I want to DIY a teeny tiny cover.

K’s made it to school the next day as her show and tell item– and then made it home again! I was expecting to be taking a fruitless trip to the lost and found looking for the show and tell, but not this time. Which makes me happier about the $10 price plus $7 shipping. Not crazy expensive, but definitely an indulgence. If you’re gifting them less than $6 each for a personalized gift doesn’t seem so crazy?

They didn’t ask me to post about it or have any idea who I am! Just sharing because you might like the tiny cuteness too. You can find them here. Just be warned that you have to sign for the package. I could live without that part.

Adrianna and I are both still kinda Instagram addicted. She’s here and I’m here. Do you have other Instagram tips or goodies to share?


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