Downtown Tape Giveaway! {giveaway closed}


I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a crafty person these days who doesn’t love washi tape.  I’m not even a crafter but I love it.  Actually, I think it’s the perfect product for a non-crafter because you can tear it off, stick it on, and voila: instant cuteness!!  I love stuff that makes it look like I tried.

Downtown Tape is a new purveyor of all things washi tape and every roll is a buck ninety nine!  Pretty sweet, huh?  I also love how simple and uncluttered their website is.  It’s a joy to browse around and find all the washi goodies you need.  Did I mention they’re all $1.99??

They have some really cute designs, including polka dots:


and my fave, floral!

Not sure what to do with washi tape?  Here are a couple projects from Downtown Tape to give you some ideas (Also, you could google “washi tape project” and get approximately eleventygajillion results.  Bloggers really love their washi.):

I’m giving myself a break this year and wrapping all my presents in brown craft paper and then decorating with some simple washi tape.  It’s cute and simple, and once again, makes it look like I tried.  Nothing like making life easier for yourself around the holidays, amiright?

So, who wants to win their choice of 10 rolls of washi tape plus 25 printable gift tags from Downtown Tape?  Just leave a comment on this post telling us what you’d do with all that washi goodness!

Also, it’s not required, but you should “like” the Downtown Tape facebook page to be the first to know about new styles and promotions and see lots of fun project ideas.

Even if you don’t win some tape, everyone’s a winner today because Crafterhours sponsor Downtown Tape will send you 9 free downloadable, printable gift tags just for signing up for their newsletter.  Just head over to their website and sign up and you’ll be sent these blank tags perfect for decorating with some washi tape!

Giveaway open worldwide, void where prohibited, one comment per person, please.  A winner will be announced on Friday, December 7.  Good luck!


  1. i’d decorate the kids schoolbooks, christmas presents and even a wall in my daughters bedroom !

  2. Accent stuff, like the paper clips or flags on toothpicks. I’ve not used washi tape before.

  3. Oh, I’d probably just stick it on everything I own haha! But, more specifically, I think I’d use it to pretty up envelopes when sending cards.

  4. I’ve been living in a hole because I’ve never heard of washi tape! Like Joanna, I’d decorate my kid’s school stuff first, then go crazy with it around the house. My husband… oh the eye rolling!

  5. My seven year old daughter would love this! She’d put it on all of her school stuff. I’d have to keep some for myself also. I think I’d use it for gift tags.

  6. I love washi-tape and with some new tape I would carry on decorating my sewing-room :)

  7. I’d share some with my kids. They LOVE tape and I think they would be over the moon to discover washi tape.

  8. I’d love to win washi tape, i love it!
    I’d use it for my bike (like here So cool!

  9. I would love to win some washi tape! I would use it to decorate some picture frames.

  10. I’ll be using them in my kids school projects.

  11. My granddaughter and I would have lots of fun decorating “projects” with tape!

  12. I’ve been doing most of my Christmas shopping online and the boxes come stuffed with brown paper. I started wrapping my gifts in it but then realized it didn’t look chic, just cheap. Washi tape is now on my list to dress up my presents! thanks for the chance

  13. I can’t even begin to think what exact projects I would use the tape for but I’m sure my 5 year old would love to join in the fun.

  14. We ran out of regular tape about a month ago….and have been using my 1 roll of washi tape since then. We’re using it and recycled brown paper grocery bags to wrap gifts, too! ♥ If I won your giveaway I’d have a prettier selection!!! Is this a mail-order only? Or is it available in stores, too?

  15. use on the tags for the stockings i’m selling!

  16. I would love to use washi tape on gift and tags also

  17. I would decorate the packages I send to our grandkids every month:):):) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  18. I love the idea of wrapping in brown paper and decorating!

  19. I have no idea what I would use it for. I guess I would be googling washing tape project, but I would love to have some!

  20. I have been using washi tape to make gift tags and to spice up my home management binder.

  21. I would use it for Christmas wrapping like you and also some sort of decorating in my girl’s room.

  22. So cute! I would probably use it for wrapping presents and maybe also for helping organize my daughter’s diabetes journal…lots to keep track of but no reason it can’t be pretty too!

  23. I don’t know, I’ve seen soooo many cute tutorials w/ washi tape, I don’t know if I could decide where to start!

  24. Everything! Mostly gift wrapping and card making :)

  25. Love washi tape! I use it for a lot of things — recently we had to paint clothes pins for a craft, but I used washi tape over the clothes pins instead. Looked super cute and once my kids are “over” the craft, I can peel the tape off and the use the clothes pins for a new craft!

  26. Cards, envelopes, and wrapping packages. I think my girls could come up with some uses for it too!

  27. If I won, I would wallpaper my apartment with washi! omg wouldn’t that be cute!!?

  28. I think Washi embellished teachers gifts would be my use.

  29. i love washi clothespins – but I’m thinking we would need holiday art – maybe a washi tree?

  30. I’d add them as an accent to Christmas cards.

  31. I put it on most of the envelopes and packages I mail out.

  32. What would I *not* do with it?!?! Love the stuff!

  33. I think I’d make some cards with my daughter. She’d love to use this. Thanks!

  34. I was planning the brown craft paper and washi Christmas presents too! I just bought some from Pick your Plum but would love to have more! :)

  35. I’ve used it to wrap around mini bread loaves wrapped in parchment and on cards cut out of recycled boxes to make them cute and around recycled plastic containers to make “vases” for my kids to take flowers to their teachers at school.

  36. Oo it’s gorgeous! I’d use it to make some cards

  37. I would probably use it for scrapbooking first and then search for some other fun projects on Pinterest.

  38. I’d embellish about a million things. school supplies, gifts, plain journals. I’ve never used Washi Tape, but I’m positive I could use it all before I even realize it.

  39. I’d make bookmarks, decorate presents, make gift tags. I’d have to hide them from my son though. He loves to make things out of tape.

  40. i only recently discovered washi tape and fell in love with it. I’ve decorated cards and used it for tags for organizing. My next project – Christmas cards with my girls. I would love to win to add to my small stash of washi tape – and to my list of possibilities. BTW, i love the You Are My Sunshine project, pinning it for later.

  41. I would stick the tape on EVERYTHING. But first my light switch plates because I saw it on Pinterest and super love it :)

  42. My husband thinks washi tape is ridiculous but I love it. And I think my sister would too – perfect stocking stuffer!

  43. I like to use it to wrap presents with a solid wrapping paper. :)

  44. I would love to use them on my Christmas gifts – and on homemade cards :)

  45. I would love to wrap presents this year using brown packing paper and washi tape…and on our future valentines.

  46. I’ve never really used washi tape, so I would go crazy washi-ing all of the things!

  47. I’d share with my kids and let them decorate some presents. They LOVE tape and would think I’m the greatest mom ever!! :)

  48. Imagine the possibilities! Decorate little sticking stuffers- book marks, etc. use it to upscale some appliances! Sweet giveaway.

  49. I use it for so many things! Cards, gift wrap, my artwork, crafting, decorating, the list goes on and on!

  50. It would be difficult, but I would use it as a stocking stuffer for my super creative teen!

  51. it would definitely be great for gift wrapping, cards, and probably a million other things i can’t think of at the moment! pretty sure i’d have a tough time keeping it out of my kiddos hands though… :)

  52. Oh my gosh are you kidding me???? You are my grand daughters HEAVEN!!! That tape will have her flipping into next year! She loves that stuff…at the moment she is into duct tape with all its colors and patterns, but finding it isn’t good for everything…but the meshi tape…would be perfect! Talk about one happy child!! Thanks for the chance!
    quiltingnanny(at)yahoo(dot)com (or the google one!)

  53. I…
    hahaha, seriously, I need to refill my washi tape stash!
    Thanks for the chance

  54. Wow, I would put it on everything! But mostly on wine glasses, so party goers don’t get confused.

  55. Oh I love Washi Tape!!! Let me count the ways….lol! I use it for scrapbooking, cardmaking and art journaling! Thanks so much for the chance to win such beautiful Washi Tapes!

  56. I LOLed at “I love stuff that makes it look like I tried.”

    We’d use it to make our gifts look like we tried to wrap them nicely this year ;)

    jennyliddle at live d0t com

  57. I would use it to wrap gifts and package cookies for the neighbors!

  58. I think I will used it at cards and letters

  59. I’ve never used washi tape before…but seeing all the comments above and some of the pictures on the blog, well I just need to try it on wrapping paper, gift bags and letters! Thanks for the great referral and info!

  60. I’ve never used it but there are so many possibilities!! I think it would look great sealing up the packages of the products I make, simple but pretty :)

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Love it for decorating packages……..

  63. I’d start by using it for labels!

  64. I’d use it to hang stuff on the walls, and to seal up some wrapping for Christmas and birthday presents.

    rachaelclayson at gmail

  65. I’d make super cute thank you notes and I like the decorated paperclip idea…
    collinkh (at) yahoo

  66. I love the little banner in your picture ideas. I’d love to make something similar to hang in my sewing room. Liked them on Facebook.

  67. I would love to washi tape everything! I love the keyboards and packaging covered with washi.

  68. Love the paper clip book markers. I use washi when I wrap things in brown paper

  69. I have a cute hair bow holder/organizer planned that could really use some washi. Please oh please! ;)

  70. Ohhhh! Wonderful giveaway! I would use the washi tapes in my scrapbooking! And I love the idea of gift wrapping using it!

  71. Make my very own notebook ,THANKS,,,,MARTHA at

  72. I would love them to use for craft projects and christmas wrappings.


  73. holiday gifts and scrapbooking…

  74. I think I would totally steal your idea of using it to giftwrap with brown paper! What a great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!

  75. What isn’t washi tape good for?? The last thing we used it on was our christmas party invitations. I would LOVE to win a chance for more.

  76. I used some on Sat. Night to seal treat bags. I love washi

  77. I would use it to decorate my new “merry christmas” banner. Love the washi tape!!!!

  78. I would make my christmas presents the most beautiful of the world!

  79. I would use it to make some 1st Birthday Card for all the little uns birthdays I have coming up..

  80. Hi Ladies, I would go halves with my crafty friend. Would love to win – fingers crossed XXXXxxxxx

  81. What fun ideas! I’m not sure what I would do with it, but I’m sure I’d figure out something :)

  82. I like your idea of wrapping presents in brown paper and then decorating with the wasji tape. I have tons of brown paper and this would sure be a good way to use it up and save me money.

  83. I think I would use some to tape up the kid’s pictures on their art walls in their bedrooms rather than the boring clear tape I’m using at the moment.

  84. I’d use it to wrap presents and in my new journal!

  85. I’d wrap lots of Christmas presents and also seal Christmas cards.

  86. I’d color code freezer bags, a different tape for each month! And a key on the door so I remember which is which. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  87. I would wrap gifts and decorate cards with them!

  88. I love the Christmas package idea! Also, I think I’d color code my keys so I can remember which is mine, my mom’s, or my mother-in-law’s :P

  89. My kids and myself would decorate any and everything we could with this tape, the ideas are endless.. from wall decor, to card making, adding them to appliances for that one-of-a-kind look and feel, jewelry making, and the list goes on

  90. I’ve just given in to washi tape, and I love it! I’m using it on my Christmas presents this year and also to differentiate my external hard drives. Thanks!

  91. I love using it to wrap gifts. Minimal effort on my part – total cuteness for the recipient.

  92. I think I would make my price tags and thank-yous for my my handbags and zippies that I have for sale. =) Thanks for sharing!!

  93. I’d use the tape to perk up my cubicle at work. I’d decorate the walls with geometric washi tape designs and faux picture frames around my favorite photos.

  94. Scrapbooking sending out notes, making sure my kids won’t play with lots of ideas, don’t have any yet, but would love some.

  95. I’m definitely hitting Downtown Tape whether I win or not, but I would use it on Christmas presents, AS Christmas presents and I’d spruce up my daughter’s craft storage, for starters. Yay for washi!

  96. I’m definitely hitting Downtown Tape whether I win or not, but I would use it on Christmas presents, AS Christmas presents and I’d spruce up my daughter’s craft storage, for starters. Yay for washi!

  97. That’s a pretty good price for washi! I would probably want to use it for scrapbooking (whenever it is I start that, ha ha) and also for decorating envelopes and cards :D

  98. I would make so many birthday cards!! And I’ve also seen a cute way to decorate my little girl’s doll bed :)

  99. I would like to use it to hang up some instagram photos on a bare wall that I have in my house. Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. How lovely, thank you for this fab giveaway. Washi tape is still new and quite hard to get hold of in England so I would be so pleased to win some. I would use it to help wrap up gifts and cards too.

  101. My three-year-old is obsessed with tape right now. She sticks it all over our house. I might give her a roll of washi tape so that she can decorate with it. Thanks!

  102. I would use it on gift tags and paper clips.

  103. I would use it to recover some composition books.

  104. I love things that are functional yet beautiful, and this tape is just that sort of thing! I’d use it for gift-wrapping, cards, and sealing packages of home-baked goods. aperek (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

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