The Rainbow Loom Project – UPDATE!

Saturday posts are sorta rare on crafterhours but I really want to share this NOW. A Rainbow Loom Project update!

rainbow loom project update 2

Remember The Rainbow Loom project post? Talk about an example of a social media wildfire. Jen’s idea reallllly caught on. She just shared all of the details on her blog – and I think you should go read all about it so that you can cry happy tears too. Kids in the US and Canada got to do something they love with their own hands that will physically reach the hands of kids on the other side of the world – and arrive with critical funds to help those kids. 

While I’m here, I’ll also mention that in addition to our crafterhours Facebook page, we’re also periodically contributing to another page full of sewing bloggers called The Daily Sew. Facebook was instrumental in spreading the word about The Rainbow Loom Project and it was so heart warming to watch the word spread. If you haven’t already, go “like” ’em both!


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