Aunt Jean’s Microwave Popcorn Kit: Save Your Loved Ones from Evil Popcorn (Free Printable)

crafterhours popcorn kit09

Though I’m posting a holiday gift for my Aunt Jean, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read my (or any other) crafty blog. She’s not into DIY much. Doesn’t cook. Which isn’t a problem for her, she knows how to make reservations and where the best take-out is. But while we were talking snacks over the […]

Card Stock + Mod Podge = Ornament

All of these ornaments were made with multiple layers of cardstock mod podged together.  See Susan’s tutorial for more information.  I cut these with my silhouette, but you could cut simple shapes by hand, or use a decorative paper punch.  I really love how the multiple layers of card stock make these ornaments look and […]

Feather Earrings: A Tutorial

Earlier this year I was totally wowed by this post by Jessica Jones of How About Orange. I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to finally try it myself– I love the idea so much.  Because I fail miserably at doing things the same way anyone else does, I set about making earrings with layered […]

The Lazy Girls’ Guide to Making a Ball Gown

My husband and I went to the Marine Corps Ball this year (we’re not affiliated with the Marines in any way, but they invite lowly civilians like us, so that’s pretty nice.  It’s a fun opportunity to get really dressed up and scrape the dried-up layer off the top of your only lipstick and dig […]