Sunshine and Rainbows Dolman Tee for KCW

crafterhours kitschy coo dolman tee4

If your life is a little cloudy or chilly these days, I have a brief bit of sunshine to share at the end of what was, for us, a snowy and cold week with threeeeee snow days. I’m not sure the thrill of hearing “school cancelled” will ever completely disappear. I’m not even the one […]

Finally Time to Hash out Hosh Pants

crafterhours kcw hosh pants-5

Since my first sighting of Emmy in Hosh Pants I’ve known I haaaaad to make them. I’ve finally checked that box. And they were so quick and fun that I’m dying to make more. 3 pattern pieces. 6 pieces of fabric. Done. I like fast sewing. These are made with a red lace print stretch […]

KCW Day 4: The Overachiever Knit Dress


Today’s project was born when I was face-slapped with inspiration by GoogieMomma’s white-piped navy dress that she shared on instagram.  As I was constructing it in my brain while taking a shower (as I am wont to do), it reminded me that Amanda did a princess-seamed Skater Dress that I meant to copy.  So I […]

KCW Day 3: Return of the Racerback!


For KCW day 3, I thought an obvious choice for my daughter who needs more dresses and my self-imposed Summer of Knits was my very own Racerback Dress! But boy did that backfire.  First I messed it up.  Yes, I messed up the pattern that I wrote.  It happens.  Then I had to use the […]

KCW Day 2: Protect the Innocence of Your Eyes


For KCW today, I offer you two knit skirts with built-in chastity shorts (I’ve mentioned here before that I refuse to say “skort” and that decree is still very much in effect).  They are a necessary clothing item for any trapeze artist wanting to keep her unmentionables unmentioned. The stripey skirt is version 1, dots […]

It’s Summer KCW!


Did you guys know this week is summer Kids Clothes Week?  Because it is.  And you should join in!  The new KCW website is up and running and already full of tutorials and projects.  Lots of your favorite bloggers have been working really hard behind the scenes to add content to the site and make […]