Spoonflower Design Swap with Delia!

crafterhours spoonflower design swap

Last year Stacey invited some blogging friends to challenge themselves to design fabric for a swap partner and then sew with the Spoonflower fabric the partner had designed for them. Delia and I were paired up, and whaaaat a challenge it turned out to be. I had a baby, we both moved and the timeline […]

I Spy a Wrap on Swap 3!

Something I’m thankful for this week: Spoonflower I Spy Swap 3 is finished! All of the participants should have their fabric in-hand now. Or under-presser-foot. Whichever. There are a handful of picks in this swap that’ve been chosen in previous swaps. The cameras, kites and alligators, for example. I love the variety of color and […]

A Sticky Subject

Earlier this year Spoonflower offered some fabric designers a chance to take two new product offerings for a test drive at a discount. You’d guess it’d be two new types of fabric? That was what I’d have guessed. But they’re branching out– into wallpaper and wall decals. The products are finally out of the testing […]

Spoonflower I Spy Swap: Round 3!

I’ve had a while to recover from Swaps 1 and 2. I’d be crazy to do it again, right? Well, yes. So I’m doing it again… a little differently. Before I dive into the particulars… Are you looking for I Spy inspiration?  Or are you wondering what people DO with all of these squares?  Check […]

A Few Fun Things

One of my funnest* e-mails ever arrived in our inbox this week. It was a message from Kim at Spoonflower. This would be the Kim that inspired Spoonflower by saying to her husband “geez honey, wouldn’t it be crazy awesome if you could print fabric for me?” (or something like that.) The Spoonflower blog featured […]

Color Me Happy

There’s this happiness most of us had as kids. The brand new box of crayons. Crisp edges. Sliding the top open. Peeking in at all of the perfectly formed, smooth waxy edges. The moment of decision. Where do you start? Which would be first? Later, the same joy with colored pencils and markers. A blank […]