Open Wide Zipper Pouches

(alternately titled: Open Wide Zipper Pouches, and How Much I Suck at Making Open Wide Zipper Pouches) I have 3 good friends all having birthdays within a month, so I went on the hunt for something fun and cute and most importantly EASY to make for all of them and knock all the presents out […]

A “Happy” 3rd Birthday

I love a loose party theme. I know that my kids might get licensed-character-attached at some point, but for now I’m trying to avoid it. I’m also avoiding jumpy places and kid gamey-machine places. But I’ve learned better than to say “I’ll never _________” because parenthood serves that back toasted, with a pickle on the […]

A Puppy Party for the Newly 5

K and I spent a lot of time talking about her birthday party theme. It’s now a process of finding something she likes that works for me, too. She’d talked about doing a party at the nearby inflatable place, for example. I don’t have a real problem with that, but I figure we’ll end up […]

Glittered Cupcake Toppers for Laura

I have such. an. amazing. babysitter. As a mom, that’s one of the most important things on the mom list. Great partner. Healthy kids. Food and shelter. Someone you love and trust to be with your kids when you need a break or have to get something done. Moving around has a host of challenges, […]

First Birthday Shirts

It’s hard to believe that Aubrey is one year old today. It’s hard enough to believe when it’s your own child that reaches the one year milestone, but somehow it’s both faster and slower watching other babies grow.  Also hard to believe that my Mom is …. today. It’s one of the birthdays that ends […]

The 4th Anniversary of Adrianna’s 25th Birthday

I’ve looked everywhere. I can’t find the guide to celebrating a friend’s 4th anniversary of their 25th birthday. Somebody help me out? In the meantime, I’ve decided to go with this plan: 1) Interrupt PB Knock Off week: Holiday Edition to say “Happy Birthday Adrianna!”2) Drag self and two kids to the post office the […]