Style That Kid! A New Book from Alida Makes!

Style That Kid cover

Ooooh look, we’re on a book tour! Style That Kid! – available as a PDF download from Alida of Alida Makes – has just been released, and I’m so happy to get to tell you about it. It’s worth BOTH the time you’ll use to read it and the money you’ll use to buy it. We were given […]

Skirt-A-Day Sewing: Hitting Bookstores Soon! + A GIVEAWAY! [Giveaway Closed]

In one of those right-place-at-the-right-time moments a few weeks ago, I saw on Twitter that a new book, Skirt-A-Day Sewing (affiliate link) by Nicole Smith is coming out in July. I don’t spend a whole lot of time on Twitter, so the fact that I saw this just in time reach out to the publisher to […]

Practical Reading: Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids

I’m not a huge reader. I was a major bookworm when I was younger, but now I (over)value productivity. So the reading that I DO do tends to be self-help-y or how-to-y in nature. The type of reading that loops back to being more productive. I don’t know that I’d have ever found this particular […]

Teeny Tiny Books of Instagram Photos

I know I’m just one of 3 billion people obsessed with tiny things. Recently it’s been tiny confetti and tiny canvases. So when I saw (after reading LPM’s post here) that you can print tiny books made of your Instagram photos, I jumped at it. I think I thought it’d make a great Christmas gift, […]

Worth Reading: A Field Guide to Fabric Design

Back in the day when Adrianna and I lived about 4 miles from each other, I found the “How It’s Made” episode that showed how fabric is made. It was good… but disappointingly brief. I think it was about a basic cotton lawn or something. At the end we both said “that’s it?!”. We wanted […]

On Our Bookshelf: Flakey the Naked Snowman

Naked Snowman? We in the crafty world would say that we could fix that, lickety-split. But the point of this book isn’t about nakedness, really. Or about fixing Flakey. A friend of a friend, Amy Tubbs, wrote and animated this book to offer her take on “alternative giving”– and Flakey is a loveable messenger. The […]