Sharing a Fave: Postagram (Try it FREE!)

Are you an Instagram lover? Or a snail mail lover? Or a photo craft project lover? Or a family photos on the fridge lover? Or some combination of these? I have something you’ll like. Or looooove. Meet Postagram.Who doesn’t like good snail mail? It warms up your mailbox. And seems to be even more fun […]

DC Area Sewists: Come Put A BIG Bow On It!

Are you in DC? Or Northern Virginia? Or Maryland? Or somewhere nearby-ish and planning to be even nearer on March 23? Come join me! Let me tell you what I’m inviting you to do– after I tell you how it came about. The strangest thing happened at Alt. I’d link here to my Alt recap… […]

Haven’t Lost My Marbles. Yet.

Thaaaank you, so many of you, for kind words about this post. Friday, the day after I posted, I was at the doctor’s office for a checkup and talking about what else I could do to get through the nausea. Just one day later, Saturday– at exactly 15 weeks and 3 days– I woke up […]

How We’re Celebrating the Season

There are a few established traditions happening around our house. The tree. The lights. Decorations. Some baking. Chocolate advent calendars.  And there are a few new ones. First, there’s Reindeercam. It’s a 24 hour webcam that shows exactly what’s happening at the north pole, in case you neeeeed to know.  In the morning they’re kinda […]

It’s That Time of Year Again

It’s that time of year. Time for fresh ideas ideas in tutorial-world. My friend Katie wrote to say “can’t wait to see your post on Sunday!” Uh…. me too! Well, the bad news is that we’ve been entirely too serious lately. The good news is that we ourselves still enjoy the tutorials we’d put so […]

New Year? New Shirt!

There are lots of things to report from my neck of the woods. Not too many of them crafty, but many that impact forthcoming craftiness, so in no particular order, they are: 1) Hubs has been in the house for THREE WEEKS! I can imagine some circumstances in which this might get a bit… testy… […]