Cutest Confetti Soap Tutorial

crafterhours confetti soaps

I love adorable soaps as gifts for friends big and small! This simple confetti soap is sweet and fun and so easy to put together. I love useful gifts – EEEEEVERYBODY washes their hands, right? It’s a worthwhile activity to encourage, so let’s do it! Glycerine is easy to source and melts easily, so it […]

Aunt Jean’s Microwave Popcorn Kit: Save Your Loved Ones from Evil Popcorn (Free Printable)

crafterhours popcorn kit09

Though I’m posting a holiday gift for my Aunt Jean, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read my (or any other) crafty blog. She’s not into DIY much. Doesn’t cook. Which isn’t a problem for her, she knows how to make reservations and where the best take-out is. But while we were talking snacks over the […]

Simple Stenciled Gift Tags

crafterhours a martha stewart holiday supplies

Yesterday I shed some light on stencil abuse and how you can help end it. Today I’m putting stencil skills to good use in a simple stenciled gift tag project with supplies from Martha Stewart Crafts. I love a handmade touch on gift wrap. Nothing crazy, just a little something. A handmade gift is even […]

Mom Rocks! A Tutorial

Do your kids love to bring you treasures too? Depending on what we’ve been reading, discussing or watching lately, the girls will bring me flowers (or weeds) and bugs and worms and leaves and rocks. The rocks get all sorts of fun descriptions – they’ll call them “magic crystals” or “gemstones” or “special rocks”. They’re […]

Haven’t Lost My Marbles. Yet.

Thaaaank you, so many of you, for kind words about this post. Friday, the day after I posted, I was at the doctor’s office for a checkup and talking about what else I could do to get through the nausea. Just one day later, Saturday– at exactly 15 weeks and 3 days– I woke up […]

Open Wide Zipper Pouches

(alternately titled: Open Wide Zipper Pouches, and How Much I Suck at Making Open Wide Zipper Pouches) I have 3 good friends all having birthdays within a month, so I went on the hunt for something fun and cute and most importantly EASY to make for all of them and knock all the presents out […]