The Rainbow Loom Project – UPDATE!

rainbow loom project update

Saturday posts are sorta rare on crafterhours but I really want to share this NOW. A Rainbow Loom Project update! Remember The Rainbow Loom project post? Talk about an example of a social media wildfire. Jen’s idea reallllly caught on. She just shared all of the details on her blog – and I think you should […]

Rolling out of 2013, Rocking into 2014: A Review & Preview

crafterhours 2013

Year-end review/wrap-ups are all over crafty blog land, but we’ve never done one! Probably in part because we tend to chill over the holidays. And that’s still the case, but this year I got blog wrap-up envy, so I went to look at all of the pretty projects from this year and then decided to […]

Love for Ruby

I met Christie Hurst almost 2 years ago at a conference. In that weird real people moment where blog memory fails you in the face of a real face, I did not match blog to blogger. Only later did I slap my forehead because I’d read Christie’s blog, A Lemon Squeezy Home, and had even blogged […]

The Tiniest Biggest Changes: Baby Is Here

crafterhours baby bunting smile

I last posted two days before the arrival I was so busy anticipating – our baby is here! (If you follow on Instagram or Facebook, this is old news. But new details and some new photos below.) That Sunday around lunch time I started feeling waves of contractions. Because I’d had a whole lot of […]

Baby #6: Boy? Girl? Answered!

I wrote last week that the time was coming to reveal what crafterhours baby #6 (my own third birth, but between Adrianna and I, sixth) will be. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you already know the answer. About 75% of the folks who kindly played along with the poll thought it’d be a boy. ‘Cause what are […]

I’m Craftiest When I’m Not Crafty

There’s this thing that happens when I wait a loooong time to post. Partly an out-of-the-habit “maybe I can’t do it anymore” feeling, and partly a list of things I want to share that feels so overwhelming that I couldn’t possibly distill what I want and need to say. Having been in that place for […]