Best of 2014! And an Apology

crafterhours best of 2014 1

Happy New Year, friends! As I was putting together this list of our best of/most popular 2014 posts I realized… Oops. We had scheduled for Friday Fiver to begin again today and as it’s now after noon already and the designer and I haven’t chatted about the details yet… we’re going to have to reschedule… 

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The Rainbow Loom Project – UPDATE!

rainbow loom project update

Saturday posts are sorta rare on crafterhours but I really want to share this NOW. A Rainbow Loom Project update! Remember The Rainbow Loom project¬†post? Talk about an example of a social media wildfire. Jen’s idea reallllly caught on. She just shared all of the details on her blog – and I think you should… 

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Love for Ruby


I met Christie Hurst almost 2 years ago at a conference. In that weird real people moment where blog memory fails you in the face of a real face, I did not match blog to blogger. Only later did I slap my forehead because I’d read Christie’s blog,¬†A Lemon Squeezy Home, and had even blogged… 

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The Tiniest Biggest Changes: Baby Is Here


I last posted two days before the arrival I was so busy anticipating – our baby is here! (If you follow on Instagram or Facebook, this is old news. But new details and some new photos below.) That Sunday around lunch time I started feeling waves of contractions. Because I’d had a whole lot of… 

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